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How To Prepare For The Perfect Beach Bonfire In LA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Life can get very stressful. It’s hard trying to keep up with everything that happens to you whether it be classes, jobs, relationships etc…but taking some time off to relax and hang out with friends is also important. If you live in So-Cal especially in the LA area, you can’t go wrong with an intimate bonfire. Never planned a bonfire before? This list is the perfect one for you! 

1. Coordinate Date & Location 

Now a bonfire sounds whimsical and like good summer fun, but it also involves some serious coordination and work. Getting everyone on the same page by checking up on each person’s availability can become a Herculean task. But getting it done is a huge accomplishment. Next, you will need to find a nearby beach that has bonfire pits. I personally picked Dockweiler Beach. Pro tip: always go online and read the beach websites for regulations. And do your research on specific beaches via reviews!

2. Delegate Tasks ~ Share The Love

It’s never fun when only one person organizes an entire event and planning a bonfire should be no different. If you are like me and need to be in control, this is the time to relax your hold and let the bonfire be a community thing. Delegate tasks! A variety of people can bring food, such as specialty dishes. Figure out who is going to get the wood/charcoal, the lighter fluid, cooking sticks etc… Don’t forget a picnic basket, cooler, plates and napkins! And most importantly learn the directions to the beach itself. 

3. Food (The Best Part)

Bonfires may be about spending time with friends and having fun, but food is a very important part of the experience. Don’t skimp on the food!! Full bellies, warm fire and the chill of the sea breeze can make for an epic bonfire. Try to bring food that won’t need to be cooked over the bonfire fire. For example, chips, dips and sodas. But that isn’t to say that the marshmallows and hotdogs should be kept away. There is nothing like heating/cooking your own food on a fire on the beach. Pro tip: Google how to set a fire, before you reach the beach and look at the weather and winds in that region.   


4. Miscellaneous 

Plan how you are going to reach the beach and when you will start packing up to leave. Don’t forget to pack blankets to sit on and keep you warm. Bring utensils and sandcastle equipment. Also, add anything you might want to play with on the beach to the list. and anything you might want to play with on the beach. But most importantly, have fun! Being at the beach should be a relaxing experience. Enjoy your time with friends! 

Meghna is a writer for the HerCampus UCLA chapter. She is a second year who is double majoring in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics & Communication Studies. She loves photography, martial arts and is a huge superheroes and science fiction fan. While she isn't writing, she is part of a research lab in Gonda Neuroscience Building and is a part of the UCLA Debate Union amongst other things. Hit her up with a nerdy science joke to start a conversation.