How People Have Moved Celebrations Online During Safer At Home

As everyone is all too aware of, Los Angeles County has extended its stay-at-home order to help stop the spread of the virus. When my local Starbucks closes before 3 PM, it’s hard to imagine how we used to conduct normal life. Despite the world as we know it coming to a sudden stop, life marches on. People have had to get creative in the digital age and use technology to reach out to old friends and reconnect with family. It is becoming more and more common for people to find new ways to celebrate the good times online. In such trying times, it is nice to see people encouraging others to remain positive and live their lives.

  1. 1. Birthdays

    row of blue cupcakes

    Before the spread of the coronavirus, people would gather to celebrate birthdays with a party or by simply spending time with one another. Now, social gatherings are highly discouraged. However, as the pages of the calendar continue to turn, we can expect to see more virtual birthday festivities, via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

    People have also been sending video montages and delivering champagne and gifts to the doorsteps of their loved ones. Celebrating virtually can even mean tuning in to watch a movie together on Netflix Party or sending dessert to someone's door. Since some live close enough to their loved ones to make a quick trip and drive by, people have also been leaving balloons and banners on the street as a way to celebrate. As people blow out the virtual candles or celebrate with their closest friends singing to them on Zoom, we continue to see positivity spread. We can take comfort in knowing that even though people cannot celebrate in person, we are still making an effort to stay connected with each other.

  2. 2. Weddings

    close up of a woman's shoulders in a wedding dress

    When you think of weddings, in all likelihood, you picture one of the biggest events people will throw in their lives, with hundreds of friends and family members gathered to celebrate. Since COVID-19 has taken over our lives, all gatherings have been severely reduced in size, which is less than ideal for those who had planned larger weddings.

    Luckily, our society has quickly adapted to the changing situation at hand.  Different online wedding businesses (WebMed, Married Livestream and My Streaming Wedding) are offering up different services to help couples celebrate their special day. While some couples across the country are still choosing to opt for in-person wedding ceremonies with only a couple of witnesses, an officiant and the couple, others have chosen to go with the online options that allow them to say their “I-Do’s” in front of their loved ones. From obtaining marriage licenses online to livestreaming their weddings and being officiated on camera, the world around us is adapting to celebrating in this difficult time.

  3. 3. Baby Showers

    row of balloons

    Currently, WebBabyShower’s long distance and online baby shower has a good list of etiquette basics to host a virtual shower. They can also walk you through the process and throw a shower for you, so that your baby shower doesn’t turn into simply a collection of gifts. You can also choose a theme and matching invitations, as well as help you integrate an online registry while video hosting games for the shower.

Overall, it is nice to know that people are not letting the virus and social distancing completely get in the way of their celebrations. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, baby shower or another celebration, it is nice to see that people are still enjoying these special occasions with the help of technology and other innovations. More creative solutions seem to be developed on the daily, so we can only expect to see even more virtual celebrations for all the big moments and special achievements that lie ahead.