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How To Become Everyone’s Fall Fashion Inspiration

We are currently one month through autumn, and fall fashion is still going strong! With all the pumpkin patches to go to, pumpkin spiced lattes to drink, and various other pumpkin-related activities to do, we need to dress the part. Though it’s too hot here in southern California for leather jackets or chunky knit sweaters, there are still plenty of ways to add some fall spirit into your outfits without overheating. A few HC girls, Riley, Catie, and Rachel, took a shot at achieving the real fall aesthetic.  

Warm Colors

A key factor of fall fashion is warm colors: oranges, yellows, and reds. Something like Riley’s tee and skirt combo is an easy way to integrate color into your wardrobe without having to put in too much effort. A simple outfit like this is a solid everyday look for going to class or grabbing a coffee with friends.


A pair of black boots is another fall staple. They instantly add a boost of fall vibes and turn any outfit into a season appropriate one. My favorite way to wear my Doc Martens is with a light, flowy dress to contrast with the chunky, edgier look of the boots.


Although you might think florals are more of a summer print, the mustard yellow of Catie’s dress by Tucker NYC makes it super autumnal! Dresses are an outfit in themselves, and don’t need any help with looking good. 

Another way to work floral into an outfit is in a skirt. This skirt is a fall version of what would be much more summery if it was a mini skirt. Its asymmetrical, knee-length hem, paired with a black mock neck top, makes this more appropriate for the colder months.

Color Coordination

Wearing a monochromatic outfit is such a statement, it can be intimidating. Pairing something with a bold print with a more subtle, plain top, makes it much more wearable. This helps break up the outfit so that it isn’t just one big slab of color.

At the end of the day, fashion is whatever you want it to be. There is no rulebook of clothes that can or cannot be worn during any season, so wear what makes you happy and confident. The tradition of wearing yellow sweaters and boots is just that–a tradition. It sure looks good, though!

Rachel is the Co-Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus at UCLA. In her free time, she loves hanging around flea markets and exploring different neighborhoods in LA!
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