Horoscopes: Are You A Believer?

Horoscopes can definitely be a source of entertainment. It can be interesting to read about how your birth date determines how you may act on a certain day, and to see the reasons behind certain characteristics you have as well as predictions about your love life. Some people truly depend and believe their horoscopes are indicative of what happens in their life, while others are rather skeptical. On the other hand, some people simply read them for their own enjoyment and try to justify some truth behind their horoscopes. There are pros and cons to reading your horoscope, depending how much you believe in them.  

As mentioned before, it is no lie that reading predictions about your life and finding coincidences can be entertaining. It is fun to read your horoscope with friends, and compare each of them, relating your reading back to your own life. Another pro is that horoscopes are generally rather positive or give some form of advice. Sometimes people just need a little outside influence to get them through a rough week or through a confusing period. A horoscope can definitely do just that. Also, horoscopes can make you think and reflect on your life. Sometimes reading your weekly or monthly horoscope can give you a new perspective on certain matters or events that may be happening, or make you think about a situation differently. Regardless, it will unintentionally cause you to think over your past actions and make you reflect.

Like many things in the world, to every pro there is a con. Many people who depend entirely on horoscopes put a great deal of pressure on the astrological practice. They get very disappointed if their horoscope is not what they expected, and if a horoscope is negative then the reader can become even more upset. Again, depending on your stance when it comes to horoscopes, the repercussions can vary. If you focus too much on the prediction then you won’t be able to enjoy your day or week because you will be waiting for something to happen that aligns with your horoscope. There are also skeptics. Many people question the science behind astrology because it is rather baffling to think that millions of people around the world that share the same horoscope mean they are going through the same thing at the same time. The odds for such a scenario can be extremely low. Also, there is no definite fact that astrology is legit, so many simply don’t read their horoscopes. Yet, things happen in life that often go unexplained so maybe there is some truth behind mercury being in retrograde or knowing Scorpios are going to have a bad month.

Personally, as a Scorpio I love astrology and look forward to reading my horoscopes. I find it very fascinating relating to other Scorpios and finding coincidences or similarities in our characteristics and traits. I do read a quick snippet of my horoscope a day just for fun and to gain a little insight. My perspective is that whenever I am feeling down or want to change my mindset, my horoscope is sometimes the perfect go to. There are times where my horoscope is extremely accurate but there are definitely other times that I think there is no way any of this can be true. If you are like me and interested in horoscopes and the different aspects of it, there are plenty of ways to learn more. There are countless of apps for your phone just to quickly read your horoscope, you can find out more about your sun sign (the sign you grow into) and moon sign (the sign you act like the most). You can search for compatibility tests to see if your signs are compatible with the signs your crush might have. Overall, take horoscopes with a grain of salt while also keeping an open mind!