HC UCLA To Host Viewing Party: Turn Up The Turnout With Bernie Sanders

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In an effort to increase voter turnout from college students, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has partnered with Her Campus and the New York Times to discuss the importance of college students showing up at the voting polls.

The event will take place on October 3rd, 2018 at The University of Maryland, where Sanders will be speaking with the New York Times National Political Correspondent, Alex Burns, to discuss the critical importance of students voting— no matter what candidates they support. The event will also be filmed live and broadcasted on college campuses across the nation.

In this edition of Get With The Times, Sanders will be encouraging college students to get out there and vote for the future that they want to see in this country. With midterm elections coming up, it is more important than ever that students make their voices be heard at the voting polls.

Join Her Campus at UCLA for their very own viewing party where there will be free food and free gear from the New York Times at 5pm PST on the 3rd floor of UCLA Hillel. You can sign up to attend the viewing party here and even get a chance to ask Bernie Sanders himself a question! 

If you cannot make it to the viewing party, we encourage everyone to stream the video on the New York Times Facebook page.

We hope to see you at the polls this November!