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Growing Up In Las Vegas Is Not As Cool As You Might Think

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Every time I tell someone that I am from Las Vegas, their first response is, “Do you live on the Strip?” They do not really realize that there are other places in Vegas besides the Strip – growing up, I personally did not really go there that often. People assume Vegas is so much fun to live in. Sure, we have the Strip and a great hockey team (Go Knights!), but other than that there is not that much to do, especially if you are under 21.

I always felt like I lived in a bubble with the same people for my whole life and I could not wait to get out of Vegas. Going to a private school meant that everyone knew everyone, which equated to a lot of drama. Also, did I mention that our school system is rated almost the lowest out of every state? Thus, I could not really move to a public school if I wanted to have a good education. It made it hard to make new friends because I was stuck with the same people.

Another thing I disliked about living in Vegas was the weather. When the summers are 100 degrees or hotter it makes it really hard to go outside, let alone do anything. It also stays hot for a really long time, so I had to desperately wait to wear my cute boots and sweaters for what felt like an eternity. Another downside to living in Vegas is trying to find a job that you are interested in. Unless you want to work in the casino or hotel industry, there are not that many other options. Many jobs pay really low wages.

I still like going to visit my family in Vegas. However, I do not think I could ever move back. I always wanted to get into the entertainment industry and do acting, but living in Vegas made this difficult because they did not really have the training that I needed. Being born and raised in Sin City does not live up to all the hype!

Caitlyn is a 4th-year student at UCLA! She is majoring in English and minoring in film. When she's not busy writing, she loves going to hot yoga classes and reading Jane Austen novels.
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