Get In The Hanukkah Spirit With These Decor, Apparel & Recipe Ideas

With the start of Hanukkah approaching Sunday at sundown, it is important to get in the Hanukkah spirit and be ready to celebrate. With the abundance of Christmas décor, apparel and recipes available in stores and on the internet, Hanukkah is somewhat pushed to the back burner. Here are a few recipes, apparel and décor ideas to make your Hanukkah shopping just as fun and easy as getting in the Christmas spirit.


If you have an ugly Christmas sweater party, get a light up Hanukkah sweater to get you through the night or even this cute off the shoulder “Let’s Get Lit” sweater.


If you are having a holiday party or just want to help yourself get in the holiday spirit, there are lots of fun décor you can use to spice up your apartment, dorm or house. There are some cute Hanukkah themed photo booth props for a Hanukkah party, an inflatable bear holding a dreidel for your lawn or even simple LED string lights to hang in your dorm.


You can make some typical Hanukkah themed sugar cookies by buying some dreidel and menorah cookie cutters and blue, yellow and white icing, or spice it up with cookie dough stuffed sufganiyot, which are basically cookie dough stuffed doughnuts!