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FOMO Defined: Guest Artists and Surprises at Coachella Week 1

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

If you’re a UCLA student, live in California, or exist on Earth, you have probably been hearing a bit about the 2024 Coachella Music and Arts Festival. If you’re like me, that also means you have since been diagnosed with an extremely dangerous case of FOMO; fear of missing out, or in this case, post-FOMO since Coachella week one has already gone down. While this year’s Coachella seemed underwhelming at first to many, considering a significant increase in the time it took tickets to sell out, the surprise guests certainly blew away our expectations. Some are even saying this is the best Coachella yet (I write with a tear streaming down my face). For all of you out there experiencing the effects of FOMO, let me make it worse by running down every guest and surprise appearance that blessed this year’s Coachella.

My favorites (and the ones that make me want to rip my hair out) are as follows:

Lil Yachty brought out Mac DeMarco

This is a duo I was not expecting at all, and a guest appearance that certainly has not been talked about enough. I don’t know how Lil Yachty managed to bring DeMarco out of hiding, but he did — and I’ve never been so jealous. DeMarco performed two great songs: “Chamber of Reflection” and “On The Level.” The pair worked together on Yachty’s most recent album Let’s Start Here, where DeMarco has songwriting credit for “drive me crazy!” (an amazing song, btw) and “Failure,” probably contributing to the reason for his appearance. I would do anything to have been there.

Lana Del Rey brought out Billie Eilish, Jack Antonoff, and Jon Batiste

The world has been blowing up over the fact that Billie joined Lana at Coachella as the Friday headliner, but did you know she also brought on Jack Antonoff and Jon Batiste? Antonoff, best known as a songwriter and producer for a host of famous artists, played the piano for Del Rey while her hologram sang; similarly, Batiste, well known singer-songwriter, played the piano to accompany “Candy Necklace.” However, it’s no doubt that Billie and Lana’s duets for their respective songs “Ocean Eyes” and “Video Games” took the cake for the night. If I was there, I would have literally ascended to heaven. 

Kevin Abstract brought out Dominic Fike and Sky Ferreira

For huge fans of these artists such as myself, this was a monumental moment. Abstract, the lead singer for former band BROCKHAMPTON, surprisingly invited Sky Ferreira, singer and model, to his set to sing a cover (it was incredible). However, I’m even more excited about Dominic Fike’s surprise appearance in which he sang “Crumble” and “Peach,” two of Abstract’s most well-known songs. The two of them were very playful and Abstract even teased a sexual relationship (go watch the TikToks). I was surprised to see that there was little coverage of this happening on the news — I only found out through TikTok! 

Tyler The Creator brought out Childish Gambino, A$AP Rocky, Kali Uchis, and Charlie Wilson

This one hurts the most — I don’t even want to write about it. While Tyler alone would make Coachella worth it, he just had to bring out some of the biggest names in music right now. Tyler invited Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover to sing “Running Out Of Time” with him, in which afterwards he playfully reveals how he used to hate Glover. Next, Rocky came on to perform his parts in “Potato Salad” and “Who Dat Boy,”  Charlie Wilson played the piano for “Earfquake”, and lastly Uchis performed “See You Again” with Tyler. I’m SCREAMING. 

Do you feel a bit sick after reading that? Coachella cannot happen anymore if I’m not there. To make matters worse, here’s a list of all the other notable surprises of the weekend (and yes, there are so many more): 

  • Doja Cat brought out 21 Savage, A$AP Rocky, and Teezo Touchdown
  • No Doubt reunited and invited Olivia Rodrigo 
  • Paris Hilton played cornhole with Vampire Weekend on stage (what???) 
  • DJ Bizarrap (who is this?) brought out Shakira 
  • Tems surprised us with Justin Bieber and WizKid 
  • Reneé Rapp invited Kesha, and the cast of The L Word
  • Peso Pluma performed with Becky G, Santa Fe Klan, Arcángel, and Junior H
  • Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made an appearance watching Ice Spice
  • YG Marley brought out his mom, Ms. Lauryn Hill, as well as Wyclef Jean and rapper Busta Rhymes
  • Will Smith appears on J Balvin’s set to perform a Men in Black song

Well, the multiverse is certainly real, because what are these mashups?! If you went to Week One, we have beef right now. If you’re going to another week, I dislike you. For everyone else — 99% percent of the world doesn’t get to go. We’ll be fine! There’s always next year. But wow, Week One of Coachella shocked the nation. I wonder what’s in store for the rest of the festival! 

Maile Smith is a first-year Global Studies major from Palo Alto, California. She loves horseback riding, traveling the world, painting, reading on the beach, and her dogs!