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Fling Into Spring With 7 Songs That Will Get You Excited For Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Unfortunately, as the pandemic is still ongoing, this summer might not be the sensational coming-of-age summer you’re hoping for. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be excited to experience the sensations of the summer season! Many of us probably miss going to the places that were the foundation of our summer memories, such as amusement parks, movie theaters, restaurants and so much more. If you love the summer vibe, then you must know that there are songs that define summer and create an atmosphere of happiness in living in the moment. So, here are seven songs that will make you nostalgic but excited for the upcoming summer season: 

Slide – Calvin Harris (featuring Frank Ocean and Migos)

I can’t explain the amount of serotonin that this song gives me when I blast it in my car. It just makes me want to dance and move to the rhythm without worrying about anything else. The song itself is catchy, and even if I don’t play it often, I’m sure that I can sing the words by heart.

Best Song Ever – One Direction

As a former Directioner, this song just reminds me of how I had to download this song onto a USB to be able to listen to it when I was younger and without a phone. If you haven’t heard of this song, then I can assure you that when you first play this song, your mood will immediately be uplifted by the instruments, the beat and the vocals of this song. It indeed is one of the best songs ever for summer!

Cherry Cola – Kuwada

This song has more of a smooth vibe to it in the sense that it’s not as upbeat or fast as other summer songs, but it provides the right amount of serotonin for a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway. Whether you play this song during the day or at night, it will surely make you bob your head and mouth the lyrics. When I found this song three years ago, I admit that I could not stop playing it on repeat on Spotify. 

Young Dumb & Broke – Khalid

I can say that this song defined the summer of my junior year of high school. The title itself was something I could relate to since I had no job and therefore no source of income for my summer splurging at this time. It has a special place in my heart because it’s a reminder of the many memories I’ve made while the song played in the car. The previous adventures I’ve made during summer certainly remind me of being “young, dumb, and broke.”

Tongue Tied – Grouplove

This song just speaks for itself. At the beginning of the song, there’s a chorus of yells that energizes you and just makes you want to experience an adventure. Though this song was released in 2011, it will always remain timeless for me. Personally, it makes me feel like I’m free and like I’m in my pre-teen years. For me, certain songs have memories that are tied with them, and when I listen to this song, all I can think about is car rides to the beach with my family and how I would fight with my brothers while it played on the radio. This song just brings back good memories of being younger that I surely miss.

Magic in the Hamptons – Social House (featuring Lil Yachty)

This song makes me feel like I’m driving through Los Angeles on a sunny day. With a moderate tempo, it’s perfect to listen to as you walk on the sand of the beach, through a park, or while you’re driving through the city just to sightsee. Though I’m an awful dancer, this song has made me get out of my seat just to move my body.

Riptide – Vance Joy

This song reminds me of my car rides to Knott’s Berry Farm when I was in middle school. I also know the lyrics by heart and will always cherish the feeling of joy it gives me when I listen to it. Though I remember it being played often on the radio, I never got tired of hearing it because it was just so catchy. Again, it is one of those songs that will remain timeless and will make you nostalgic the instant it is played. 

I know we’re only entering spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be excited for summer in a few months! It might not be the regular summer you’re hoping to experience, but there are still ways to make memories with safe practices. Just like I play Christmas songs months before Christmas, I play songs that emit the summer vibe months before summer actually starts. With these songs, I hope that you’re able to be reminded of the good memories you made during summer break. Or, if not, at least they’ll give you some sort of joy in the uplifting beat that each song provides!

Jamie Vu

UCLA '23

Jamie is a second year student at UCLA. She loves to listen to music and enjoys going to concerts and listening to artists live. During her free time, she likes to go out and explore.
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