Five Reasons to Study Abroad in Ireland

When I finally decided to study abroad in Ireland, I got mixed reactions from friends and peers. Some were genuinely excited for me while others were confused as to why I wouldn’t pick a more “exciting” location. I’ll be honest, it didn’t really make me confident about my choice. But here I am months later experiencing the highlight of my college career thus far and I feel like it is my duty to give Ireland the credit it deserves.

So here are my five reasons to study abroad in Ireland:

1.       The atmosphere:

Ireland is both a relaxed and vibrant place and no one enjoys a party more than the Irish! Whether you are enjoying a pint while listening to traditional Irish music in a pub with friends or dancing the night away in one of Ireland’s many nightclubs, there is always great "craic" to be had!

*craic (Irish): fun; having a good time or laugh. 

2.       The people:

One of the biggest reasons I chose to study abroad in Ireland was because of how friendly and helpful the Irish were said to be. Based on personal experience, it is no wonder Ireland is always ranked in the top ten friendliest countries in the world for their incredible hospitality.

3.       The landscapes:

Ireland is filled with breathtaking scenery; they don’t call it the Emerald Isle for nothing! From Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and the Aran Islands, Ireland is filled with natural wonders you definitely want to see.

4.       The history and culture:

Ireland is a history buffs paradise, where castles and historical sites older than the pyramids are in abundance. A few notable sites include the Book of Kells, Newgrange, and Blarney Castle. Not to mention that you will be enthralled by their rich culture from traditional Irish music and dance to their numerous festivals, Gaelic football, hurling, the Irish language and folklore.

5.       The food and drink.

While you’ll often find Irish meals tend to serve potatoes twice in one meal cooked in two different ways, that’s not all they eat. Enjoy great home-cooked, traditional meals that are bound to satisfy like Irish stew or a full Irish breakfast, and then wash it down with a perfect pint of Guinness. Never a beer-drinker at home, even I have come to develop a newfound appreciation for beer during my time here. It makes me think they keep all the good beer to themselves!

It’s no wonder Lonely Planet named Ireland the number five top place to visit in 2015!