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Favorite Food Find: PR Bars

Ever since I ran a half marathon this summer, I have been hooked on PR bars. They are 100% delicious because of the way they don’t taste like you are eating a nutrition or protein bar. They have a creamy taste and come in 10 flavors such as peanut butter chocolate, apple pie, iced brownie, oatmeal raisin granola, peanut butter granola, chocolate mint, and more! PR bars are made for everyone from athletes to busy people on the go who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why PR Bars are a good, nutritious choice? According to their website, PR bars are designed to enhance your body’s natural ability to burn body fat while maintaining lean body mass. The basis is to burn more stored body fat by moderating carbohydrate intake. PR bars have an optimal ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat which will stabilize blood sugars, control insulin levels, and increase the production of glucagon to increase your body’s ability to use stored sugars and body fats and burn them for energy. So, essentially PR bars are a wonderful choice because they combine vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, low-glycemic carbohydrate sources and quality fatty acids.

You can order them online at www.prbar.com and find out much more at their website!


Nicole Cremer is currently a sophomore at UCLA majoring in Neuroscience. She has a passion for journalism and loves being involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including doing research at the UCLA Brain Tumor institute, volunteering with Global Medical Brigades where she traveled to Ghana this past winter to provide health care to over 1,200 people, contributing to the Daily Bruin newspaper as a Video Reporter, and being a part of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. Before becoming the Her Campus Campus Correspond for UCLA, she was a founding member of Her Campus UCLA and wrote a weekly health blog. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys exploring new restaurants and sites around Los Angeles, listening to country music, running (and training for half marathons…maybe a full one someday!), hiking, and spending as much time as she can at the beach!
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