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Fangirls Are Obsessed, But Fanboys Are Committed

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been called “weird” for wanting to go to multiple Harry Styles’s concerts. Or how it’s “obsessive” that I look into the easter eggs that Taylor Swift is constantly dropping. Or maybe it’s the way I’m “childish” for being excited about new music from my favorite artists. But the same would never be said of a fanboy because a fanboy who punches someone and gets banned from a stadium is “loyal.” A fanboy who watches all 82 regular season basketball games is “committed.” And no, he just loves the sport. It’s not weird for him to play fantasy football in addition to attending every game. 

So you see the issue was never with super fans. The issue has always been with not allowing women to enjoy what they love. The stigma around fangirls is driven from sexism that is so deeply rooted in our society, we often don’t even realize when certain issues are based on gender. Inherently, fangirls and fanboys both carry the same characteristics, but they have been characterized in completely different lights. The only outstanding difference between the two is how the words end. One ends with “girl,” making it grounds for criticism and obsession, while the other ends with “boy,” which is obviously just someone living their life. Instead of allowing women to enjoy what makes them happy, society has found a way to make it an issue. 

Look at it this way. A fangirl isn’t weird, she’s loyal. She isn’t obsessed, she’s committed. She isn’t childish, she also just simply loves her favorite artist. It’s time we recognize and change this harmful mindset. Women should be able freely love what they love without being judged in the eyes of the public

So, I’d like to apologize on behalf of this judgmental world. You’re allowed to like artists. You’re allowed to like actors. You’re allowed to like supermodels. You’re allowed to like sports. You’re allowed to like whatever it is that makes you happy. Don’t apologize for enjoying life.

Kajal is a second year political science major at UCLA . In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, and occasionally crocheting.