Everything You Need to Know About Kylie Skin

I don’t take many things in life seriously, but there’s one thing I do take very seriously: skincare. Because the skincare industry is such a polluted and over-saturated market, I jumped at the opportunity to look into what Kylie Skin will offer and what people are saying. I watched her Youtube video about her skincare routine where she QVC’d the heck out of those products like a pro. Which I completely understand because her previous love child, Kylie Lip Kits aka the OGs, are down 35% from last year. Kylie is realizing that she really needs to bring out the big guns if she wants keep Stormi in Versace. Plus, skincare is enjoyable and her fans need something to remove the pounds of makeup she sells. 

While I’m always here for her hustle, I’m also a skincare skeptic. Like any twelve-year old girl, I wanted to see if these products were worth my parent’s hard-earned money. In her video, Kylie goes through the process of her soaps and serums and comments on how each product does things that many other products don’t. But, does Kylie really care about her fans' skin? Are the products that much better than drugstore brands? I did some research to find out... 

First off, her almond scrub is getting a ton of hate, and it’s not even on the market yet! I guess the almond content is bad for you skin and isn’t safe because it leads to dry and flaky skin. Because of how abrasive the pesky, little overpriced nuts can be, people are already being skeptical. Personally, I thought it was a luxurious touch to Kylie’s collection. I mean who doesn’t love almonds? There’s almond milk, almond butter, chocolate covered almonds, almond granola bars - almonds are popular. I am mildly interested about this exfoliator and it actually makes me want to buy it just to see if I can remove the layers of dead skin I have on my face. With how dramatic people are being, you’d think the scrub was harsher than bleach. I think we have to take into consideration that exfoliation should only happen once or twice a week, which couldn’t do that much harm. I agree with the Kylie Skin minions for combing the perfect pair: Kylie and almonds. Obviously almonds are such a hot commodity, as well as Kylie.

Next, she mentions the moisturizer. It is vitamin C infused, which I’m a little disappointed by because it sounds boring. I personally use serums and nothing too thick because my skin breaks out from anything. I like that the brand offers many serums, similar to a brand called Fourth Ray Beauty. Seed Beauty (who's owner is seen in the photo below) owns Colourpop, KKW, Kylie Cosmetics, Fourth Ray Beauty, and is currently pregnant with Kylie Skin. It definitely is young and millennial, but it stays on beauty trends with Hyaloauronic acid serums and the jade face rollers. Very Instagram-worthy! I wonder if Fourth Ray Beauty and Kylie Skin overlap ingredients, especially when the prices of Fourth Ray beauty are comparable to Neutrogena or less. Sites are saying that the Kylie Skin pricing is affordable and in the $20-$40 price range. I think that’s pretty good if you compare the prices of Kylie’s brush set that got people a little disgruntled to say the least. 

I am interested in hearing reviews for Kylie’s products and trying them myself, because I’ve never seen myself as a Glossier girl. I actually need something to make me look prettier and I think Kylie Skin knows my face is in dire need. Plus, I love good monochromatic packaging. We will have to wait to average YouTuber's reviews of the Jenner’s new products for another week. Get your Monopoly money ready, though, because Kylie Skin launches May 22, 2019. She’s a Gemini! Uh-oh…..