Defeat The Heat: The Best Foundations For Summer

Summer time changes your makeup routine, especially when you need something with SPF and less coverage. When it comes to makeup, everyone is different and each person's skin has different needs. I have tried a lot of foundations and have struggled with finding ones that do not cause breakouts or leave me with a shiny T-zone. I have made so many trips to Sephora and Ulta looking for a product that fits my skin needs, and most of the time I end up returning what I was recommended. Even after watching Youtube videos, you still do not truly know all the details about how the product will react with your skin. With all of the products I have tried and rejected, I have listed my favorites (by coverage level) that are perfect for summer and will keep your skin clear and protected.

  1. I have been using this product for years and love how a little amount goes a long way. It has SPF 15 so your skin is a little protected, but I do not suggest this for a full day out in the sun. It is best if you are having a bad skin day. There is a wide range of colors that are perfect for different undertones. If you have oily  skin, you do not have to worry about breakouts. It also does not crease, which is a huge issue I have with full coverage. It is universal for every skin type, and will leave you looking flawless!

  2. I have used this foundation for the past two years and absolutely love it. It gives a good glow, has a wide range of colors and it is only $20. For something with that level of coverage, it can get a little oily, but setting powder definitely makes a difference. It lasts all day and has Hylauronic acid and Vitamin E to keep your skin happy and healthy. Many foundations with this price tag do not have this many benefits. Just make sure you put on a layer of oil-free sunscreen before, so you are protected. 

  3. I recently wanted to try a foundation that was dewy and glowy because I felt like my foundation in the past was too matte. This foundation is really buildable so you can choose your coverage for an everyday look. It is on the pricier side, but it covers up discoloration and acne scars pretty well. I use this everyday and have found my right color. Although it took a lot of tries, it was worth it for how great it looks on my skin. The way it pours out of the bottle versus a pump is another great benefit. It contains Turmeric and Vitamin C to help with discoloration and will keep you glowing until fall comes around. This one does not have any SPF, so do not forget to layer on some sunscreen before applying!

  4. I never liked tinted moisturizers because I like coverage and they have always just sat on my face. This moisturizer gives a great glow and is perfect for a 5 minute routine. I also love how it smells and offers a level of protection (SPF 30). I will definitely be wearing this for beach days as it keeps my skin hydrated. Although it only comes in twelve colors, it sheer enough that if your color is a little off, it will not be noticeable. 

I hope these suggestions have halted the arduous foundation search and will help you feel more confident in the heat!