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D-Day Is Here: Suga’s New Album Is Out, And I’m Obsessed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

A lot of people who know me well understand just how much I love BTS. Though, less people may know how much I particularly admire the group’s lead rapper, Suga. Just last week, Suga released his solo album “D-Day”, and it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. 

Before getting into the album, let me clarify something for those of you who aren’t ARMYs (BTS fans). Generally, he is referred to as Suga, which is his BTS stage name. However, he releases his solo work under the name Agust D (Suga spelt backwards, plus D for his hometown of Daegu). That being said, “D-Day” was released under Agust D. However, beneath all the names he is known by professionally, there is the 30-year-old himself, Yoongi Min.   

When it comes to music, Yoongi can really do it all. It’s important to note going into this album that he took part in both the producing and songwriting. This is no surprise to us fans, as Yoongi has an extensive list of writing credits, taking part in the process since the very first BTS album. Given his heavy involvement in the creation process, the lyrics of the songs and the storytelling through the music videos felt much more personal. 

If you’ve only heard songs from BTS as a group, know that songs from Agust D have a much different sound. Because Yoongi is primarily a rapper, this album is much more rap-heavy than other music from BTS. However, within the album, you will find a range of vibes, with a balance between rap and vocals.


“Haegeum” is one of three songs on the album with a music video and is a personal favorite. Its upbeat vibe has made it a new go-to for me while I work out. The word “haegeum” has a double meaning; it is both a Korean traditional instrument as well as a Korean word for liberation. Yoongi is no stranger to making statements in his music, and this song is no exception. With lines like “slaves to money, slaves to hatred and prejudice, slaves to YouTube,” he loudly calls out issues within the music industry.  

If nothing else, I seriously recommend watching the music video for “Haegeum.” BTS is known for intricate storytelling through their content, and this video upholds that standard. The visuals are stunning and the story gives us further insight into the Agust D persona. 


Fans get an even more personal look at Yoongi through the song “Amygdala.” For us non-STEM majors, the amygdala is the part of the brain that deals with emotions, particularly fear. In the music video, Yoongi shows us a more vulnerable side of himself. We watch him recount a traumatic accident from his past, as he attempts to escape a room he seems to be trapped in. As he tries and fails to open the door, he repeats the lines “my amygdala, please save me.” 

Something I have always admired about Yoongi is that despite the “cool” or “tough” front he may be expected to put on as a rapper, he has never been afraid to convey his feelings. It is in moments like these that he wins the love of so many fans all around the world (myself included). People often ask me why I listen to music in a language that I don’t understand. I think songs like this really prove that music transcends language. No matter what language someone speaks, feelings like loneliness and anxiousness, as well as joy and excitement, are universal. 

While I don’t have the word count to discuss them all, there are eight other amazing songs on the album (with a wide range of vibes). Additionally, the documentary “Suga: Road To D:Day” is now streaming on Disney+ and gives a further look into Yoongi’s extensive process of creating this album. There’s really no better time than now to be a Yoongi stan, so why not add one of these new songs to your playlist?

Lily is a third year Political Science major at UCLA from Sarasota, FL. In her free time, she loves binge-watching sitcoms, listening to music, and finding new coffee shops.