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Me in my corduroy :)
Original photo by Isis Doss-Wassily

Corduroy Supremacy: 4 Gems In My Closet That I Can’t Live Without

A little while ago, as I was sorting through the items in my closet, I noticed that my closet was very denim-dominated. Don’t get me wrong, I love my denim… I can’t get enough of baggy jeans and large-fitting jeans jackets. But for a while, I wore the same outfits on repeat, totally ignoring the other, super stylish items in my closet. After my craze of buying as many pairs of baggy jeans ended, I fixated on something different: corduroy. Corduroy has now become super trendy, and for good reason! No matter what the corduroy piece is, be it a jacket or some pants, it can match with practically anything you can find in your closet! There are so many different corduroy styles and colors to choose from, so no matter what your style is, there’s definitely room for some corduroy in there! After scavenging through my closet, I found some new and forgotten corduroy gems that I’m now obsessed with. Check them out here:

This Casual-Chic Corduroy Dress
Corduroy Dress!
Original photo by Isis Doss-Wassily

I’ve actually had this dress for a couple years now, and I can’t believe I’ve been letting it sit unworn in my closet for so long! It is so comfortable and soft; it could honestly be worn for any occasion! It’s pretty easy to style; just throw on some black boots and some accessories and call it a day!

The Always-Trendy Corduroy Skirt
Corduroy Skirt!
Original photo by Isis Doss-Wassily

This is another item in my closet that I’ve slept on, and I so regret not wearing this skirt more when I went out pre-quarantine. Like the dress, it’s super comfortable, and the best part is that it has pockets!! You could dress this skirt up with some black boots and a nice top, or you could wear it casual with some sneakers and a T-shirt! I’ve seen this skirt in a variety of colors, but I like the brown the best because it makes for a good match with many different colors and styles!

These Comfy Corduroy Pants
Corduroy pants casual edition
Original photo by Isis Doss-Wassily

These pants give my over-worn jeans a run for their money. The softness of the fabric is one of my favorite things about corduroy, and it’s no different with these pants! My brown, high-waisted corduroy pants have now become a staple in my closet. Like the skirt, you can slip on some sneakers and a T-shirt to match, or throw on some boots and a nice sweater for a more dressed up option. I do prefer the freeness of my baggy jeans, but recently I made an amazing discovery: baggy corduroy pants. I must confess that since that discovery, most of the online “shopping” that I do consists of me scrolling through endless baggy corduroy pant designs and colors. 

And Finally, Everyone’s Favorite Corduroy Jacket
Black Corduroy Jacket
Original photo by Isis Doss-Wassily

This jacket is a winner! Yes, it may be a little mainstream in that everyone and their mother owns this jacket, but that’s only because this jacket works so well with practically anything in your closet. I like mine a little larger than my size, so I can pair it with some thin turtleneck shirts or, when it’s cold, I wear it on top of big, fluffy sweaters! For someone who gets cold as soon as the weather drops below 70 degrees, this jacket is in my daily rotation because it does a great job at keeping me nice and warm! If you want to add some spice to your closet, there are so many different jacket colors to choose from, so go crazy!

 If you weren’t already on the corduroy train, this is your sign to get on it fast! Though I only showcased a few items, if you go online, you’ll find that there are so many other corduroy items that you should definitely check out! I’ve seen corduroy overalls and even some corduroy shorts (a shocking yet intruging invention in my opinion). Corduroy works best during Fall-Spring, so there’s plenty of time to incorporate some corduroy into your style and create some stunning outfits for when we can start going out on a regular basis again. Until then, don’t mind me, I’ll just be filling up my shopping cart with all the baggy corduroy pants I can find!

Isis is a second year (pre) Human Biology and Society major at UCLA and she is thrilled to be a Feature Writer for the Her Campus team! In her spare time you can find her at the beach, singing, playing the piano/ukulele, reading or taking long, long naps.
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