Concert Review: Hey Violet Takes Over The Troubadour

I had the opportunity to experience one of my all-time favorite bands live at the Troubadour, and I am still not over it. It was none other than Hey Violet! My senses were blessed with their outstanding performance and raw talent that permeated the room. Most people have probably never heard of them (which is unfortunate), so I am here to guide you into the world of their music.

Hey Violet is an LA-based alternative-pop/pop-punk band consisting of three members, sisters Rena Lovelis and Nia Lovelis and their good friend Casey Moreta. The band’s members have fluctuated over the years—starting with four, then adding on a fifth and now shrinking back down to three—but the instability has not affected their ability to produce good music. Hey Violet was signed by 5 Seconds of Summer’s record label, Hi or Hey Records, in 2015 and opened for 5SOS on both their Rock Out with Your Socks Out and Sounds Live Feels Live tours. This brought them a lot of attention and opened many doors for them, leading to the release of their debut album From the Outside in the summer of 2017. Since then, Hey Violet has been steadily releasing new singles from their upcoming second project. These include “Better By Myself” and “Close My Eyes.” We were even lucky enough to hear some new unreleased music at the concert itself, such as “Queen of the Night” and “Clean.”

Their style can be described as mostly pop-punk with some edgy, punk rock undertones. Their songs have a catchy, addictive beat layered with avant-garde lyrics and a saucy attitude. Their attitude encompasses that of a person still trying to find themselves (after all, life is a continuous quest of self-discovery and self-renewal).

Rena, the band’s lead singer, has a powerfully unique voice that’s distinct and unforgettable. She truly captivated the crowd with her vocal prowess, especially when she held notes for what seemed to be interminable moments. Nia, on the drums and backup vocals, shared cute sisterly banter with Rena and made us laugh with her friendly humor. She even offered to perform stand-up comedy when they were having technical difficulties (which unfortunately got solved before Nia could make her comedic debut). Casey was rather silent (as usual) as he jammed out on his guitar, but a talented musician nonetheless.

My favorite performances from the night would have to be “Unholy” and “Guys My Age” because the energy in the room was through the roof. “Unholy” plays with the idea of temptation and impulsivity. We all get immoral thoughts every now and then, but this song explores those notions more in depth: “Don’t say it’s unholy / If I let you come hold me / I know it’s wrong that I want to be here in your arms / But tonight I’m so lonely.” Rena climbed a ledge on the stage while singing this one, and everyone lost their mind at her tiny body towering above them. She had such a remarkable presence on stage and brought the whole crowd together with her consistent energy.

Additionally, “Guys My Age” is one of my absolute favorite songs, so getting to hear it live was an unforgettable experience. This song preaches the truth of a generation felt by women everywhere: young men don’t know how to treat women. Rena explains that “guys my age don’t know how to treat me, don’t know how to touch me, don’t know how to love me good,” so she is forced to seek love in someone older and more mature. The message is too relatable and was felt by many girls and women in the crowd that night. We all sang the lyrics at the top of our lungs as Rena bounced around on stage, calling young men out for their outright clueless-ness and immaturity regarding relationships.

Rena also got intimate with the crowd during “Where Have You Been (All My Night)” by literally stepping into the GA pit and singing along with us. Her presence on the floor brought everyone together as we shared the magical moment with her. We all felt connected under the love we shared for the band and for each other. It was truly beautiful and something that I will never forget.

All in all, this concert was one of my favorite performances that I’ve seen in LA so far. Hey Violet really knows how to put on a good show and keep their audience captivated. I’d definitely recommend checking them out and seeing them live if you get the chance.

In fact, click below to watch their most recent music video: