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Concert Review: The Frights, SWMRS, & Fidlar

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Concert Review: The Frights, SWMRS, and Fidlar.

 What’s better than going to a concert in Hollywood on a Saturday night? Not much.

 I went to the Palladium in Hollywood to see The Frights, SWMRS, and Fidlar. Being an avid music lover, this was the perfect night out.

Driving down the Hollywood strip at dusk, clouds in the sky, and listening to “Tungs” by the Frights definitely generates an essence of being sixteen again, just getting my license, and listening to the loudest type of music that exists. Nonetheless, it was wholesome nostalgia, and definitely presented the opportunity for new memories to be made alongside the neon signs and Hollywood air.

As we got closer, the line looked daunting and long, I realized how much fun it was going to be. The crowd looked excited and at that point, I knew the atmosphere would be contagious.  

As we went through security and went inside, the venue was impressive. Chandeliers decorated the ceiling with some unique wallpaper along the balconies on both sides of the walls. The floor itself was very large, a lot bigger than what I had expected.

Soon, eager fans gathered around the stage and the ambiance of the crowd had become very enthusiastic as we were all waiting for the first band to come out and perform.

Finally, the Frights walked out on stage and performed. The crowd immediately started a large mosh pit and gave it all they had.

Having experienced many moments of moshing when I was younger, I decided to sit this this one out; but it was still fun to see the crowd get into the music that they loved.

Following the Frights was SWMRS. They performed many of their songs including “Miley” and ironically ending their set with “Drive North” which speaks on the band’s hatred for Los Angeles itself, although I don’t think they hated LA that night as they performed to many excited and grateful fans.

Ending the concert was Fidlar. Just as the previous two bands maintained a constant anticipation for more music, Fidlar upheld this excitement and the crowd retaliated to even greater lengths of pure enthusiasm.

All in all, this concert was a time well spent and the music definitely allowed me to reminisce and create new memories all in one night.

Here’s a link to each one of the bands! Check them out: The Frights, SWMRS, and Fidlar

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Photos Courtesy of Micaela Harris

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