Chris Pine Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Screening Of "Star Trek" At Hollywood Forever

We had the pleasure of attending the 10th Anniversary Screening of the 2009 film, Star Trek at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The event also functioned as a charity campaign for the Anton Yelchin Foundation. It was a night of respect, good company and great cinema. The charity, formed as a tribute to Anton Yelchin, aims “to empower and support young people engaged in creative arts who face career challenges due to debilitating disease or disability.” All of the proceeds from the night, in the form of tickets and food sales, were given to the organization as a donation to help young artists struggling with disabilities to show the world their true potential and talent. The event also featured the trailer premiere of the critically acclaimed Anton Yelchin documentary, LOVE, ANTOSHA

When we arrived at Hollywood Forever, we were greeted by flowers and we trekked along the path to get to the seating area. As the patch of grass we would be sitting on came into view, we saw people lounging on blankets, eating the food they had brought and drinking beer from Angel City brewery. Because it was our first time there, we didn't know to bring anything with us. So, for anyone planning on going to see a movie at this venue, be sure to bring a blanket and/or some chairs, your own food and drinks for a picnic, and a sweater for the chilly night air. 

Before the movie started, we got to witness Chris Pine - Captain Kirk himself - speak about his coworker and dear friend, Anton, saying that he was a “courageous young man who just had zero fear and boundless, endless positivity and energy for life” and that “he was kind of our younger brother and we saw him grow up.” It may have been the best part of the night.

Pine’s speech was very touching, and he ended it by thanking everyone for coming out and showing support: “I want to thank you all again for coming out for the 10th anniversary - I was told yesterday that it was the 10th anniversary. I can’t believe so much time has passed, and it still remains one of my favorite films, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.” We were all obviously star-struck, but who wouldn’t be? 

The movie was amazing, and seeing it projected on a huge wall just added to the overall hype and excitement we felt. It was also a nice study break from the stress of finals. We would definitely recommend seeing a movie here! It's an outdoor venue, which is great when the weather is nice; the speakers are loud enough that you can hear the entire movie wherever you are sitting, and sometimes they benefit a good cause like this one did. Oh, and don't forget the celebrity appearances! Since it is finals week, and we are now official trekkies, we will leave you with these words: Live long, and prosper.