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Celebrity Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo Shares His Top 4 Tattoo Healthcare Tips

By Justine Marlin

On Nov. 28, I got a look inside the exclusive Hideaway at Suite X, the studio of Dr. Woo. He’s the tattoo artist responsible for the ink on many of our fave celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Ariel Winter, and Drake. In case you need some more convincing, join Dr. Woo’s 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and check out his intricate tattoos and distinct style. 

Dr. Woo’s new secret studio definitely lives up to its name “Hideaway.” In order to find the studio, you have to know the right people to ask, and after searching down a stone path, behind a velvet rope (literally), and through the Hideaway doors, you’ll find the place where all the magic happens: Dr. Woo’s hidden tattoo parlor. Inside, it’s clear that Dr. Woo put just as much thought into the design of his studio as he did into ensuring his secret carries an air of mystery. With floor to ceiling windows and art covering the walls, the enclave in the midst of all the chaos of Los Angeles breeds the creativity that has led Dr. Woo to the top of his field.

In an interview with Her Campus, Dr. Woo lived up to his name as the “doctor” by giving us some advice for how to ensure that you’re taking care of your new tattoos the right way. He partnered with Lubriderm, the top brand recommended by tattoo artists for aftercare, to give us some of his best advice about tattoo health.

1. Wait to take the wrap off

Dr. Woo advises that after getting a new tattoo, wait about one to two days to take off the wrap that your artist has used to protect your new piece of art.

2. Use plain lotion a couple times per day

After that period has passed, you will want to put a plain white lotion (make sure it’s fragrance free) on your tattoo a couple times a day, in order to keep the area moisturized. Dr. Woo recommends Lubriderm. This process will continue for about two weeks, so that your tattoo is given enough time to heal properly.

3. Remember that less is more

Dr. Woo explains that his mantra is less is more, warning new tattoo owners against overthinking the aftercare of your tattoo. Don’t do too much to try to keep it clean, as that may irritate it more.

4. And if your tattoo begins to look infected?

Then it is time to go see the doctor, and while Dr. Woo knows pretty much everything about tattoos, an infection will require a trip to an actual medical doctor’s office. 


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Tattoos are pieces of art meant to last a lifetime on your skin, so it’s absolutely necessary to care for your tattoo properly. Your ink will look much better for much longer, which, after all, is the goal when putting ink on our skin. After talking to Dr. Woo, it’s clear he takes the title “Dr.” for a reason—he has become not only an expert artist, but an expert on all things tattoo-related. Thank you to Dr. Woo and his team for giving us a behind-the-scenes look at your beautiful studio!

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