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Campus Celebrity: Maggie Su


Hey, HerCampus UCLA! Since the impending graduation is almost upon this year’s graduating class, what better way to get some insight on UCLA’s Class of 2015 than the seniors themselves. 

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Maggie Su! Maggie is currently a fourth year English major who hails from Diamond Bar, California. Maggie is no stranger and is one of the friendliest people you’d ever meet. With such enthusiasm, she is someone to ask for great advice and find her to be a genuine friend. 

Here’s my chat with the wonderful Maggie!


First off, what are some fun facts about you?

I’ve been keeping a diary since I was nine years old, I love chicken wings and sushi, and I can impersonate a Minion when I’m in the mood.


Any student org/hobbies/activities you’re a part of? What are they?

The club I’m involved in the most would be Christian Students at UCLA, and we get together at various times throughout the week to sing and read the Bible together. I’m also an education director for CHAMPs, a mentoring and tutoring club, and my main role is designing enrichment lessons for teenage students that encourage them to think critically and participate in group discussions.


What is something you love about your major?

I get to study what I love. 


If you can go to any country, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to England because I adore British accents, Harry Potter, and castles. Also the English culture, it really resonates why I love my major!


What are you anticipating in the following weeks/months?

I’m not really anticipating anything – just prepared to embrace whatever comes.


How has your experience at UCLA been? Is there anything you wished you could have done different?

I’ve loved being here at UCLA! Being in college has helped me discover so much more about myself. But sometimes I wish I had studied abroad maybe England perhaps!


Any plans post grad?

I’m thinking of attending a Bible school for a year or so, and then going to law school to specialize in either education or immigration law. I’d also love to write some children’s books and young adult fiction and maybe get a cat. 


Lastly, any advice for our undergrad UCLA students?

Surround yourself with positive, genuine people, get enough sleep, and study in the Anderson library because they have huge windows (and most undergrads don’t know about it).


Image courtesy of Maggie Su

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