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Campus Celebrity: Emily White

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.


Get to know Emily, one of the amazing students behind this year’s FAST Spring Fashion Show: Sanctuary.

Hometown: Lafayette, CAYear: 3rdMajor: Biology

Tell us a bit about your experience as co-president of Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) this year.

“I started out with FAST as an usher and once I saw the show I was so impressed by the production quality, that I had to be a part of it. My second year I was the Sponsorship Director, and this year I served as co-president with Talya Sharps. Talya and I spent countless hours together finalizing tiny details for the show over the last three quarters. From initial applications to the final rehearsals, we had a hand in everything, which made the show even more special.”

What has been the most rewarding part of being a member of FAST?

“Nothing was better than seeing all the hard work we put in finally come together in the final show – especially seeing the models improve over every weekly practice. The final practices right before the show, compared to the very first ones in winter quarter could not have been more different, and there was a visible growth in their confidence and fierceness that I absolutely loved seeing.”

Do you see yourself pursuing a career related to fashion?

“I had always kept fashion as a career option, but recently I see myself focusing more on health and medicine, which has always been my passion as well.”

Are you involved with any other extracurricular activities at UCLA?

“I am also involved in TEACH (Together Educating and Advocating Community Health) and a staff writer for Total Wellness Magazine.”

What is your favorite thing to do in Westwood? 

“My favorite thing to do in Westwood is get my nails done at InStyle Nails and go to Yogurtland.”

If you could only wear one outfit  for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“One outfit I would wear for the rest of my life is boyfriend jeans and a white tee. Can I change my accessories? Well I’ll choose a bold necklace and scarf. I love scarves.”

What animal best describes you? 

“I think a jellyfish best describes me, but that might just be because I like them.”

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