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Campus Celebrity: Allyson Bach

Name: Allyson Bach

Major: Political Science, Urban Planning Minor

Year: 3rd year

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA



1. What made you decide to come to UCLA?


After attending the Model United Nations High School Conference and the Mock Trial Summer Camp at UCLA while I was a junior in high school, I became interested in attending the campus. Through my conversations with current undergrads at the time, I was so impressed by the pleasant balance of extracurricular, sports, school pride, and rigorous academia offered at UCLA. Through my personal interactions, I knew that if accepted, I would attend UCLA.



2. What’s your favorite Bruin memory?


My favorite Bruin memory is the entire summer before the Fall Quarter of my freshman year. As an eager freshman, I signed myself up for College Summer Institute – a 6 week program of taking college courses and living at the dorms with a few members of my incoming freshman class. While it was the most academically rigorous summer “camp” I’ve ever been to, I made lifelong friends with my Bruin peers during those 6 weeks before the 1st year started. Since no one was involved in extracurricular, all of our free time was spent goofing around in the dorms, around campus, and in Westwood. I got to meet some spectacular and now very accomplished bruins during the program. I am a proud Bruin every time I get to mention my association with the wonderful people that I met that summer.



3. What inspired you to get so involved with your campus?


In high school, I was involved in so many on campus organizations so I didn’t even question getting involved at UCLA. After rushing my sorority, Kappa Delta, I found it really easy to get involved on campus because I was recommended so many by older sisters in KD.



4. Having worked in leadership positions in Greek life, as well as in USAC, how would you say both have impacted you?


As Vice President – Operations of Kappa Delta, I grew so much in confidence and in my public speaking ability. My job as VP-O required me to plan and present workshops to the chapter from issues ranging from health to career related opportunities. As the current Executive Director of Academic Appointments, I help to manage all student representatives sitting on academic faculty meetings, ensuring that the student voice is heard and that our concerns are addressed with faculty on the most important matter relating to all students – academics. This opportunity has impacted me by showing me how easily one student can make a difference.


5. What is a typical day like for you at UCLA?

The beauty with college is that no day is “typical”. Yes, I have a set schedule every quarter and yes, I do check my planner each morning to mentally prepare for my day but each day is a bit “atypical” because there is always a unique interaction that I come across that changes my perspective. I value how flexible days can be in our college years and I try to take every advantage of it. I guess you can say this strategy of tackling each day is what is “typical” for me. Plus, why not make every day a little different? I have the rest of my life to stick with the typical.


6. What do you want your Bruin legacy to be?

I want leave a legacy as a self-confidence advocate. One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone is the simple act of believing in them – encouraging them to go confidentially in the direction of their dreams.



What is your favorite…?

Food: My Father’s Homemade Vietnamese and Japanese fusion dishes

Activity: Taking digital photographs on the coastline or spending a day at a modern art museum

Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Movie/TV show: Gilmore Girls – I’m a HUGE Rory fan.

Place on campus: Bottom Level of the Business Library – my favorite place to study

City: Washington D.C.