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California College Traditions To Mark In Your Calendar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

It’s that time of year again, group chat texts coordinating a car squeezed full of college students. Whilst you pick out your sparkly green Saint Fratty’s tops and Deltopia bikinis, make sure to plan ahead. Here is a list of the California college weekends that you’ll want to put in your Google Calendar. After all, what better way to spice up your life than kicking off your flip flops at a beach party or cheering in the neon lights of a tailgate.

St. Fratty’s

Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo, March 16th

Nestled in the hills of San Luis Obispo, thousands of students in shamrock green beads and Sharpied borgs line the streets. If you plan on attending St Frattys my personal advice is to: prepare to be slightly sleep-deprived as traditionally St. Fratty’s starts at 3:17 am! Wear green unless you have a high pain tolerance because in St. Patrick’s Day fashion, your arms will be covered with pinches. Lastly, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Fair warning, this may not be an event to go to if you aren’t a fan of big crowds as the parties get rowdy. The party wraps up at 11 to 12pm as college students collapse onto their dorm room beds for a much-needed nap.

Cal Day

UC Berkeley, Berkeley, April 13th

Berkeley’s annual Cal Day is a playground of frat mansions and block party bands. Starting around 9am, Pitbull and Kesha can be heard echoing from every window in Berkeley’s south side of campus. The festivities are open to friends and family as newly admitted students and graduating seniors alike float from party to party. After a long nap, college bars like Kip’s, Raleigh’s, and Frat Row glow fluorescent with thousands of students.


UCSB, Isla Vista, April 5-7th

Don’t forget sunscreen: UCSB’s Deltopia is a sea of students holding red solo cups and beach volleyballs. Make sure to link arms with a buddy, as Isla Vista’s DP gets crowded. The best advice I got about Deltopia is to “embrace the chaos” — you never quite know what party you’ll stumble into or who you’ll meet. Remember, don’t be the stupid person who sits on one of the shaky balcony railings. UCSB is on the edges of Santa Barbara’s infamous cliffs, so be safe! Overall, you’ll return to your college campus with a sunburn and a new story to tell.


UCLA, Los Angeles, October 19th

SDSU, San Diego, October 30th

UC Berkeley, Berkeley, October 18th

You certainly don’t need to be a football fan to enjoy the chaotic fun of tailgates and afterparties. Take the opportunity to visit friends at different campuses in the buzz of homecoming. There will always be a crowded college bar or a cooler-filled tailgate to swing by. Brownie points if you attend a rivalry game such as Berkeley vs Stanford or UCLA vs USC, as the energy is electric.

Undie Run

UCLA, Los Angeles, The last Wednesday of every quarter

Time to lace up your sneakers and dig through your underwear drawer — the Undie Run is always a must. Starting with the faded laughter of pre-games in apartments and dorm rooms, students gather to sprint to Royce Hall. After a jog back, Westwood is alive with afterparties in the midnight chill. Much like the UCLA Undie Run, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Santa Barbara, etc. students gather to sprint in their Calvins.


UC Berkeley, Berkeley, April 20th

UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, April 20th

Whether you dabble in 420 festivities or not, it’s a national holiday on UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz campuses. Thousands of students drag couches, bean bags, grills, and just about anything and everything to campus quads. Pack a picnic and people-watch in the shade of Berkeley’s Doe Library or Santa Cruz’s redwoods.

Eden is a third year communications major at UCLA, from Haleiwa, Hawaii. She loves throwing herself into creative projects, whether that's upcycling thrift store finds or doodling in her sketchbook. You can find her exploring new bookstores and rolling out a yoga mat in her free time.