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"Birds Of Prey" Is The Newest Must-See Film About Women Empowerment

After hearing so much hype about Birds of Prey, I was excited when I finally got the chance to see it. Birds of Prey is about Harley Quinn, a DC comics character, who is going through a breakup with the Joker and dealing with all the people who attack her when she no longer has the Joker’s protection. Harley, like most people after a breakup, now has to go through the process of finding her own independence once again. Harley Quinn, although a fictional character, is still relatable to a lot of women going through the process of breaking up with someone and trying to discover who they are without that person.

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Harley Quinn is a strong, powerful, independent woman that every person can look up to. Despite people saying she cannot restart her life without the Joker and that she would “go back to him”, she ignores their comments and does her own thing. Harley finally realizes that the Joker was no good for her anymore and she deserves better.

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Although blowing up buildings and fighting your enemies is a little extreme, people can still take away Harley’s fierce and strong attitude from Birds of Prey. She may be upset, but she pushes through it and learns to love herself more. She does not let her sadness overcome her and she finally realizes the independent woman she really is. So if you are going through a breakup or want to gain some self-confidence, Birds of Prey is a great movie to see. I walked out of the theater feeling better about myself and realizing that I do not need anyone else to make me happy.