Best Picture Summaries

The Academy Awards are coming up, and if you're too busy studying for midterms to go to the movies don't worry. Her Campus is here to give a quick plot overview of each movie in one place. Now you don't have to feel so out of the loop watching with your friends who have the time to watch movies in college. But don't fear; there will be no spoilers. So, here are the movies nominated for "Best Picture":


The Big Short:

The movie takes place during 2008 in the face of the impending economic collapse in America. A group of men take advantage of the failing economy to make a fortune for themselves.


Bridge of Spies:

A U.S. pilot is taken as a prisoner of war during the Cold War. His only hope of escape is to have James Donovan (Tom Hanks) execute a successful prisoner exchange.



During the 1950s, an Irish immigrant finds herself torn between a man she meets in America and a man from her homeland.


Mad Max: Fury Road:

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors tries to make an escape from a scary overlord.


The Martian:

An astronaut is left behind on Mars after being presumed dead. Alive, he tries to contact NASA and survive on the planet until someone can rescue him.


The Revenant:

When a group of frontiersmen leaves one of their own for dead (sound familiar?) after a gruesome bear attack, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) seeks vengeance.


The Room:

A woman and her young son finally escape the confines of the space they've been kept for years. The boy explores the outside world for the first time.



The Boston Globe sends a group of reporters to cover the story of a priest who allegedly molested over 80 boys. The journalists work to prove that the Roman Catholic Church has been covering up sexual assaults.


So there you have it. Go take some you-time after those midterms and watch one or two of the films that most appeal to you and the Academy Awards.