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The Best Morning Routine to Start Your Day Right

This process is not a 15-20 minute routine that I follow every day. It requires a couple of hours, which is why I schedule my classes later on in the day, so that I have time to do a few things before I start running around. 

I start my morning every day at 8AM by drinking hot water with a slice of lemon in it. As much as I love coffee, it does not always make me feel the best. It is just a temporary fix for a long day. I prefer hot water and lemon because many studies  have listed the benefits of it. For example, it can make your body stronger and less hospitable to viruses. Plus, drinking water with lemon is a great opportunity to hydrate. 

Around 45 minutes to an hour after I get up and drink my water, I like to drink a smoothie and eat some avocado toast for breakfast. The smoothie recipe I like to follow includes: 

  • 6 cubes of ice

  • 1 cup of water

  • A lot of spinach

  • A cup of berries (blueberries, strawberries, whatever you like)

  • 1 tbsp of Hemp Heart

  • 1 tbsp of almond butter (or nut butter or peanut butter) 

  • 1 tbsp of Chlorella 

  • A couple of drops of Ashwagandha

When I first tried this smoothie, I did not like the color, and I most definitely did not like the taste because I live for sugar. However, over time, I have found that it actually gave me energy to get through the day, especially if I choose to work out before going to class. 

After I have had my smoothie, I go for a run or go to the gym, which really wakes me up. After working out, I take a shower, wash my face with my favorite products, get dressed, maybe do my makeup and start my day! 

Allison is a feature writer at UCLA who loves hanging out at the beach and eating any kind of dessert.
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