Behind My Studious Persona, I Am Actually An Aspiring Voice Actress

Whenever I become obsessed with a new animated film or TV show, I have to watch any behind-the-scenes footage I can find. From production, to post-production footage, to interviews with directors and producers; my favorite part is videos of the voice recording process. I love seeing the actors use their imagination to picture themselves as their characters in a world you can only live in on-screen. It is so entertaining observing them say their lines over and over again in different intonations to see which one will be the take they’ll use. picture of a pop filter and a USB microphone Original photo by Marvin Araiza As I watched more of these videos, the more I became interested in the voice acting industry. I already had a list of voice actors I looked up to, and most of them were from my favorite anime English dubs (hey, some English dubs are really good, okay?). I had watched interviews where they spoke about their journey into voice acting; although most of them already had a theater or film acting background, there was a significant number of actors that had no professional experience and were able to be successful. That really encouraged me to start creating a path for myself by making a hobby out of voice acting. After graduating from high school, I decided I would find resources to begin my small voice acting career. I found out about a website called, a big community of aspiring voice actors who audition for original or fanmade projects. I made my account and went on Amazon to buy a cheap pop filter and a $25 USB microphone to begin my journey.

Auditioning is always a nerve-wracking process; however, being able to audition in the comforts of your own room is what makes it a bit less stressful! The process on the website goes like this: you click on the project you are interested in, you check the role descriptions and then you choose which role(s) you like and record yourself saying the lines that are in the description box and submit. You get the hang of it once you audition for two or three projects! the cover of Figment 2, Issue #5 Marvel The first project I got cast in was playing the lead role in a comic fan dubbing project called, “Figment II: The Legacy of Imagination,” a beloved Disney series. It took three months to record all the lines for the five episodes and throughout that time I got the amazing people who were cast as well. It was humbling to see so many aspiring and talented individuals who were so passionate about voice acting. To this day, I am so thankful for the people I met who I still connect with to this day; the experience really motivated me to continue my journey as a small voice actor.

With the small number of projects I have been able to participate in, I have gained a new appreciation for the voice-over industry. When you are the one behind the mic, there are many things a voice actor needs to consider when recording. A few of them are being consistent with the style of voice your specific character has and not forgetting to match the tone of your voice on the scene you are working on. When I watch behind-the-scenes footage now, I appreciate the process of recording even more. a small recording setup in a bedroom Original photo by Marvin Araiza Behind my studious persona, I am an aspiring actress. I may be studying day and night but I record for auditions or current projects whenever I have the time. It is so much fun to be able to do what I love while being a full-time student. If you are interested in voice acting, I encourage you to start now! It does not matter what equipment you have as long as you have the drive and passion for the art. It has been four years since I started this journey and I am still inspired and motivated as I was in the beginning. Don’t give up on your dreams and start chasing them!