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What You Forgot in Your Back-to-School Dorm Essentials

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

A fresh start and a new beginning. Arriving at college brings so many new aspects to look forward to and plan around, from interesting courses to exciting events every weekend. With all this new information tossed at you, it can be easy to push aside thinking about the basic needs for living in your new space.

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some useful things you may have missed while packing:

First Aid kit

Always be prepared for emergencies! From small scrapes to larger bruises, a first aid kit will include all that you may need to feel better and heal quickly. Look for one with the essentials, such as antiseptic wipes, bandaids and gauze, as well as a travel pack of heating/ice packs.

Water Filter Pitcher

It’s important to stay healthy and keep yourself hydrated as you run to different activities all day. A water filter will ensure that you have clean water in a stored space in your room.

Extension Cords

From pretty fairy lights to chargers for all your devices, an extension cord comes in handy when you need more than the two outlets provided in your dorm. Make sure you can plug in everything you need with the help of a few of these cords.


Most of the lighting items in your room may need batteries to function! Make sure to have a few spare batteries for future miscellaneous uses as well.

Portable CHarger

For nights out, make sure to have a portable charger to ensure your phone doesn’t die. You can record all the memories you’d like with no worries!

Basic Tool Kit

When assembling all the furniture and decor in your room, a tool kit will come in handy. Make sure to pack one, especially with a screwdriver, to complete your room. (Also be sure to check whether you’re allowed to make holes in your walls before you actually get screwing/hammering!)


You may be busy deciding which clothes to bring to college, but once you get here, you need a way to store them! Having plenty of hangers will ensure your clothes are displayed when going to pick an outfit.

Mini Steamer

First impressions matter. Keep your clothes crisp, fresh and wrinkle-free with a steamer. This way, you won’t need an iron and ironing board (which probably won’t fit in your UCLA dorm room, anyway).

We hope these items help you organize your new space and keep you at your best!

Manal is a junior at UCLA studying molecular and cell biology. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling. She also loves art, food, and fashion.