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Another TikTok Recommendation: A Review Of The Let’s Go! Disco & Cocktail Club

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Navigating LA nightlife is truly daunting for introverts living in the city. Everywhere we turn, there are promoters, some type of new club or a “Big Gay Party” flier on the lamp post outside your apartment building — it’s hard figuring out where to go. Therefore, when the TikTok For You Page that knows us oh so well gives us another recommendation, it’s worth giving it a try. This week, the all-knowing algorithm led me to the Let’s Go! Disco & Cocktail Club.

Everything about the bar is completely pink and retro from coming inside to a hallway of pink neon lights, to the pink lights that also decorate the outer wall, to the house plants that line the seating area and, of course, let’s not forget, the giant disco ball that hangs in the middle of the ceiling casting an array of rainbows across the bar. It’s definitely a place for people who appreciate aesthetics and themed parties (however, funny enough, I got my best pictures in the modern bathroom that has a spectacularly large mirror and great lighting). 

There’s a live DJ, but staying true to the theme, all the music played is various retro instrumentals and hits from the 60s and 70s. It gives the bar an authentic feel, but don’t be fooled by the term “club.” If you want to dance, you have to embrace the personality of those women who can move to absolutely everything. I’m sadly rarely one of those girls, so for me, this bar is a great place for a truly chill girls’ night because there is not a lot of worry about people hitting on you. It’s also a place where you can sit or stand and debrief the latest gossip. I definitely recommend going with a friend group, not only to split the rideshare, as the bar is unfortunately located all the way in downtown LA, but, it seems the primary age group frequenting this bar is mid-to-late twenties, some early thirties. It didn’t feel like the place to pick up potential dates or new besties, but never say never! 

The highlight of Let’s Go! is obviously the cocktail menu. All cocktails are $17, pricy for a college budget, but standard for LA. The cocktails are very on-theme with retro-inspired names and ingredients. My friends and I each got a different drink and tried each other’s. We all ordered from the “Fun & Citrusy” section. I had a “Donna Summer Dress,” which was described as “a fruity yet dry Paloma.” It was good, a little too dry for my taste (I need all the sugar and fruit), but it was popular among my friends. My personal favorite was the “DAQ-Attack,” which had kiwi flavor and rum. Another drink was “The Rita,” which had rhubarb, ginger and mezcal. It was supposed to make a slightly smokey margarita, but we found it to be VERY smokey. Want something not “fun & citrusy?” Don’t worry, because the menu also has “Light & Bubbly,” “Negroni-ish,” “Stirred & Boozy” and a highlighted espresso martini. 

Overall, I would love to go back to Let’s Go. It’s fun and cute, and it has good drinks. It’s definitely a place to frequent when I’m not in the mood to sing “No Hands” at the top of my lungs. It’s worth dressing up in a cute outfit, getting ready with friends and having a fun car ride over. The TikTok FYP did not steer me wrong once again. 

***Note: Let’s Go! Disco is about to take a “spring break” from the 16th to the 24th, so make sure to plan your visits accordingly!

BriannaRose is a UCLA Communications major and Film/TV minor who aspires to break boundaries and stigmas. As an aspiring creative director and editorial writer, she works on student films and photography projects, and has professional experience in entertainment and fashion journalism, fashion public relations and internal communications for cable. In addition to writing, BriannaRose volunteers at local animal shelters, competes in pageants, and is always excited to read a contemporary romance novel.