"Up, Up, and Away and Over to a Table at the Gratitude Café"

If you’ve ever listened to Jason Mraz’s song, “Make It Mine,” you might have been led to go take a visit to the café he was referring to. Luckily for us Bruins, there are several Café Gratitude locations right here in Los Angeles. I went to the one in Venice and ordered the “Nourished” which included French toast, tempeh chorizo, sautéed kale, coconut bacon, cashew cream, and maple syrup. Eating vegan does not mean eating bland for chefs at Café Gratitude and they certainly proved that to my palate. For us students on a budget, they also have Happy Hour from 3-6 p.m. everyday! With an expansive menu of unique dishes, you’ll surely find something that’s not only Instagram worthy, but also deliciously satisfying.


Image courtesy of keepinitkind.com