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AMA’s 2018: Patrick Starr, Ben Higgins and More Talk Importance of Female Empowerment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

On October 9th, we had the AMAs~ing opportunity of covering the red carpet for the 2018 American Music Awards! As the world’s largest fan-voted awards show, the event was packed with excited guests. The mood was lively, and we could not help but fangirl over the stars. We had the pleasure of talking to some of our favorite musicians and even snagged a couple selfies during the process. Check out the highlights of our night!


Liza Koshy And Her Jumpsuit 

We love a good jumpsuit, so you could say we were *jumping* with excitement when Liza Koshy arrived on the carpet wearing a floral jumpsuit. With her hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail and a bold red clutch in hand, Liza looked stunning.


Becca Tilley And Kelsea Ballerini’s Sweet Hug

Bachelor alum, Becca Tilley, shared a sweet moment with country pop singer and songwriter, Kelsea Ballerini. Ballerini was one of the nominees for Favorite Country Female Artist. The two greeted one another with a hug, so cute ~ 


0.3 Seconds Of Taylor Swift

The red carpet started slowly, and when someone yelled “Taylor!” we weren’t completely sure whether it was the Taylor Swift. But to our delight, it was T-Swizzle herself. She was directed to Microsoft Theater quickly, but the 0.3 second glimpse we got of her filled our lives with an amount of awe we didn’t know we needed. Looking gorgeous in a metallic sequined dress and with her beautiful blonde locks in a gorgeous updo, “starstruck” is only one way to describe how we felt seeing the Queen before our eyes.

When Dean Unglert Said He’s Her Campus’ Biggest Fan 

Ben Higgins and Dean Unglert walked the carpet as a pair, and we’re so glad we had a chance to talk to these Bachelor studs. They were both so friendly and warm to us and even shared their support for women in the industry: “I like the vibe that T Swift has walking into this thing. I think she’s, like, on the up and up, I think she’s hitting her stride—she’s feeling good,” Higgins said. Higgins even mentioned that Unglert was Her Campus’ biggest fan, and we couldn’t be more flattered.    


Dua Lipa 

Needless to say, Dua Lipa’s star power has shot through the roof in the past year, and all hell broke loose when she made her way onto the carpet. We caught a glance at her chin-length black hair and her billowy white dress, which made her look at like a graceful snow angel floating through. PS she’s much taller in person than expected!

Makeup Guru And Now Musician Patrick Starr

With the recent release of his Don’t music video, Patrick Starr left a powerful impression on the red carpet. Channeling a “punkin spice latte,” as captioned in an IG post, Patrick shared with us how he wanted to promote music from the YouTube community. He was also emphatically supportive of female empowerment, which we were all for, of course. “Any of us would not be here if it weren’t for women carrying each of us for 9 months and raising us to be who we are today. Women are strong, they are beautiful and teach us how to love ourselves,” Starr said. Yaas, preach!


Speaking With Songwriter Charisse Mills

Born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Queens, New York, Charisse Mills represents the best of both worlds of an American citizen. From her origins in opera, Mills has branched out in pop music, even creating a new genre some call “pop’era.” With collaborations with Ne-Yo and French Montana, Mills has built an resume of songwriting on her own. She encouraged everyone, especially women, to get our voices heard, and she loves Taylor Swift because “she actually sings about real things that’s going on in her life, not make-believe stuff, so I love that ‘cause it actually touches you,” Mills said. 

K-Pop Sensation NCT 127

As huge K-Pop fanatics, when we found out that NCT 127 would be making their American red carpet debut, we were definitely on the lookout. Each member in this sub-unit of the group NCT looked dashing, and we could hardly contain our excitement when they arrived. 

NCT 127 Posing With Tyra Banks 

Speaking of NCT, the Korean group met Tyra Banks on the carpet, and it was the crossover we never knew we needed. They posed for a fun photo, and we got to capture the epic moment. 


Running Into Rita Ora

By the time Rita Ora rolled up, the red carpet event had pretty much ended, and plenty of the press stood on the carpet itself wrapping up their broadcasts. When Ora walked by, donning a beautiful black and white polka dot dress, it was ridiculously unexpected and caught all the press by utter surprise. In fact, we too had been standing on the red carpet where the stars usually walk by, and writer Kaitlyn almost stepped on Ora’s dress train. Thankfully she made sure to miss and allowed Ora to continue her graceful walk by.

Chloe x Halle

This R&B duo also turned up late, but good thing we were still able to catch them as they walked by. Both Chloe x Halle gliding with green-shaded dresses, they looked like enchanting Dryads. Writer Renée even yelled boldly, “you look beautiful,” to Chloe, and she flashed us a stellar smile that’ll have us holding a hand to our hearts for days. 

The 2018 AMAs was a wonderful night spent celebrating diversity in ethnicity, gender identities and more. We were so honored to speak with all the stars we did, and they proved to us with their words and warmth that the industry is changing in a positive way, with a quick pace that everyone wants to be a part of. We already can’t wait until next year! 

Renée is an alumna at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and served as the HCUCLA Editor in Chief and one of the Campus Correspondents for the 2019-2020 school year. She is passionate about storytelling and pushing for more Asian American representation in fashion and entertainment. 
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