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Spoiler Alert

I recently watched the new Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it was not disappointing. And clearly, I’m not alone in my opinion. The film has turned out to be a success for Nintendo and Universal Pictures, consistently bringing in money since its release!

It was a cute movie that went along with the games. So, if you have played the games, you’re bound to see some of your favorite characters. Although it had different characters from the different video games, it resembles the Super Mario Bros. video game the most. In the video game, Mario embarks on a journey to save Princess Peach by passing a set of obstacles in different worlds. Although the movie doesn’t explore all the worlds, it does show a decent amount of them.

I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. as well as other Mario-related games. To finally see the nostalgic characters on the big screen was awesome! This might have just been me, but I did not know that Mario and Luigi were brothers. However, now that I think about it, it makes sense as to why the video game included “Bros.” I honestly thought they were best friends or just two different characters in different worlds. That was a shock to me, and if you didn’t know that, now you know!

The movie is about Mario trying to save his brother, Luigi, from this unknown world, which was another shock to me because I thought Mario belonged in that world! But it turns out that he was human and not part of the magical creatures in that world. Mario and Luigi are very close and this can be seen right away when they both use all of their money to film a commercial for their business. They both support each other and are there for one another. It was nice to see this strong bond between them. 

As I mentioned before, Mario’s goal is to save his brother, not Princess Peach. In fact, Princess Peach is portrayed as a strong, independent female who takes care of all the toads living in her kingdom. In the game, she is seen as a damsel in distress, but the movie spins this around and we see how strong and fierce she is when danger arises. 

The same with Bowser. In the video game, Bowser is portrayed as a bad villain who is evil and has no feelings. But in the movie, I saw a whole new personality from Bowser that I did not know about in the video games. He was still evil, but he actually showed feelings in the movie. He had feelings for Princess Peach! He even wrote a song about her, which is very catchy. 

If you have not heard the song he wrote, “Peaches,” definitely listen to it so you can understand why I say it’s catchy!

Mario embarks on this journey, meeting new people along the way. You could see that Mario was willing to go to the end of the earth just to save his brother.

Alright! I don’t want to spoil too much, but in my opinion, it’s a very cute and fun movie that I recommend everyone to watch! I give it a 10 out of 10. I do hope they make some sort of sequel. Maybe something new that hasn’t been seen in video games. I hope you all give this film a chance!

Maria Alfaro is a fourth year student at UCLA majoring in Sociology and minoring in Spanish. She joined HerCampus at UCLA in 2021 and ever since has been able to do what she enjoys; write and share her stories with everyone. Her love for journalism grows with each story she gets to write. She loves to meet new people and learn new things. In her free time you can find her exploring the city of LA, dancing, binge-watching, blogging or relaxing.