8 Underrated Romance Movies That Every Hopeless Romantic Should Watch

Romance films are not all winners. Some truly great romance films become lost in the cracks as so many films are released in our modern era. Romance films are great for when you are sad about an empty love life or enjoying a fun movie night with friends. It is a genre that brings comfort to all that watch them. Love stories transcend time as popular narratives go. I myself have become a romance movie connoisseur since I have watched almost every romance movie I feel like at this point. So here are some of my favorite romance movies that I find to be criminally underrated, in no particular order:

  1. 1. About Time

    This heartwarming film takes a fun twist on the genre by adding time travel. At the age of 21, the lead character, Tim, learns the males in his family have the ability to travel backwards (not forward) in time, and quickly uses it to find love- as opposed to saving a nation from war or stopping an assassination. As time goes on, he realizes his power cannot shield him from all the obstacles of life. Be ready to tear up!

  2. 2. Enough Said

    This is an unusual romantic film because of its focus on an older couple. Both leads are recently divorced and a bit closed off to romance but work their way toward each other despite being single parents trying to wade through life on behalf of their children. This is a truly refreshing film as most other romance films involve people under 35. Also, the performances from Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini are amazing!  

  3. 3. Austenland  

    This is one of my favorite movies when I am feeling down in the dumps. Keri Russel portrays a Jane Austen-obsessed woman in her 30's who travels to England for an absurd Jane Austen themed resort where she finally starts to wake up from her fantasies. This film contains one of my favorite absurd scenes in romantic comedy history: a woman playing Nelly’s Hot in Herre on the piano in early 19th-century garb.

  4. 4. Love, Rosie

    This is a “friends to lovers” film with enough twists of the usual cliches to be truly enjoyable. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin are charming and have great chemistry. Watch a love story unfold from childhood to adulthood. 

  5. 5. Before Sunrise

    Though critics have heaped great praise on this film, it seems not many people have heard of- let alone seen- this film. The film is about Jesse and Celeste, who meet on a train traveling to Vienna. The young couple spend the entire night together and quickly develop a close bond- a bond so close it is hard to think the two will have to part when morning comes. The dialogue is deeply real and authentic. This is a film with breathtaking chemistry between the lead couple, and leaves the audience rooting for them to become even closer.

  6. 6. Obvious Child

    This is a very bold romance film which takes on the topic of abortion. Jenny Slate portrays a comedian who has yet to grow up. After a one night stand, she learns she is pregnant, which becomes a major wake-up call from adult responsibilities. Yet within this controversial and serious topic is a sweet and very real romance story. Jenny Slate’s performance makes the movie a must-watch. 

  7. 7. Stuck In Love

    This film is a combination of three different love stories a family undergoes. One love story is set during the adolescence of a young son.  Another occurs during the daughter’s young adulthood, while the remaining story is set in the period after the father is divorced. This one is pure dramedy and you may reach for tissues for laughs and cries. Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins provide iconic performances in this very underrated film. 

  8. 8. Bride and Prejudice

    Get ready to want to dance and sing with this Bollywood adaption of Jane Austen’s master romance novel, Pride and Prejudice. This version is a charming and wonderful adaption, which will definitely make your heart sing with joy. It also deftly and wonderfully adapts the class issues from Jane Austen’s novel to Indian society, which makes this film not only refreshing, but compelling.

I hope these underrated romance films help you through hard times and entertain you when you need an uplifting film to watch. So sit down, relax and enjoy yourself!  You deserve it.