8 Things We Hope to See on "Fuller House"

After a nearly 21 year hiatus, the Tanner House is filling up again, but this time, with a whole new generation of Tanners- or shall we say Fullers. The eldest of the Tanner family, now D.J. Fuller, has been widowed, and is struggling to raise her three children alone. So she seeks the help of little sister Stephanie, and best pal Kimmy. The cool thing? Almost all of the original cast (minus Michelle) will be returning for the Full House Netflix revamp "Fuller House," so we can expect to see a a reincarnation of Joey's antics, Uncle Jesse's narcissism (and beauty), and Danny's obsessive compulsive-ness. 


Here are a few things we hope to see in the new series to kick our nostalgia into full gear!

1. Stephanie putting everyone's attitude in check:


2. Kimmy busting into the Fuller residence whenever she darn well pleases:


3. Danny giving his signature uplifting talks to his grandchildren:


4.  Joey's A1 cartoon impressions: 


5. Uncle Jesse having mercy on the lovely Aunt Becky: 

6. Aunt Becky's beauty, with a side of cheeky: 

7.  Some classic D.J. sass: 


8. And hopefully, some sweet '90s throwback dance moves from the whole squad:



all gifs courtesy of giphy.