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8 Snacks Every Dorm Room Needs To Survive Winter Quarter

As the weather gets colder, making the trek to the nearest open dining hall in the dark gets less appealing, so it’s extra important to keep a stash of snacks in your dorm for those lazy, winter days. If you’re getting tired of the same old snacks or are looking to create an all new winter grocery list, look no further. Here are eight must-have snacks for your dorm room to keep you warm as we transition into the colder months. Even if you’re not getting cold, you’ll still be able to enjoy a little pick-me-up or an Instagrammable hot chocolate.

1. Dark Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Even if you have a secret Keurig machine in your room, sometimes you need a fast, easy pick-me-up, and these chocolate espresso beans provide just that. Take a small handful on your walk to class, and be fully awake for every lecture—even those 8 AM’s.

2. Popcorn

For those movie nights with the roommates or a simple study snack, popcorn offers an easy, relatively low calorie snack that’s easy to munch on and even more fun to mix with other snacks or candy. Whether you add some chocolate or pretzels for added texture, popcorn is easy and keeps for a long time, so you won’t have to rush out when you’re feeling the munchies.

3. Ice Cream

It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice scoop of ice cream every once in a while. You know you want some. Walking to Diddy Riese might seem feasible when it’s warmer outside, but for those weekends you spend curled up in bed, you’ll need some ice cream to get you through.

4. Instant Ramen

When it’s cold and rainy outside and you want soup for dinner, these ramen cups offer the perfect balance between easy and tasty. To really get the full value of your ramen, you can try adding veggies, egg, cheese or meat for a new flavor and added nutrition.

5. Chips & Salsa

Chips and salsa are easy, fast and perfect for a little mindless snacking between homework questions. You can place chips and salsa on a plate and even melt cheese over the whole thing to make some yummy nachos.

6. Hot Chocolate

When it’s cold outside, you want to be warmed from the inside out. Hot chocolate is perfect for any rainy day. You only need the packet and some water for this cozy winter drink. Even if you don’t like chocolate, you can still eat the marshmallows.

7. Oreos

Is any dorm room really complete without Oreos? A perfect treat and wonderful snack, Oreos offer a perfect sweet treat at the end of the night or just enough sugar to help you power through midterms. Oreos are a favorite of many and perfect to share. Other possible sweet dorm snacks are chocolate bars, skittles or really anything you want.

8. Tea

Sweater weather means the perfect time for hot tea. As it gets cooler outside, the warmer you’ll want to be on the outside and the inside. Tea comes in a variety of flavors with a variety of purposes, whether you want caffeine for studying or something warm before bed. You can easily heat tea in your dorm room and even take a perfect instagrammable shot of your tea and a reading book.

Alyssa Chew is a fourth-year Electrical Engineering major at UCLA. She is excited to be a Features Writer for Her Campus at UCLA and to get involved and explore Los Angeles. Alyssa hopes you enjoy reading her articles!
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