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8 Good Things That Happened This Year To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

For most, 2020 has been a literal train wreck. With each passing week, the bad news seemed to be never-ending. We lost many beloved celebrities, millions of people lost their loved ones to COVID-19 and politically, this year has just been a mess. It is so easy to get sucked into the whirlpool of negativity, especially with 24-hour news cycles and social media being at the tip of our fingers. Yes, 2020 has sucked, but there have actually been some good that has come out of it. With the year coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on some of the positive things that happened this year as we look forward to a (hopefully) better 2021. Here’s what I came up with:

The Second Person in the World Was Cured of HIV

In early March the “London patient,” a man named Adam Castillejo, was cured of HIV via a bone marrow transplant. As of this year, he is now 30 months HIV-free! While the treatment is not yet ready to be widely spread, doctors and healthcare experts are hopeful that more good news is on the way.

Families Came Together in the Most Beautiful Way During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Staying positive during dark times such as this year can be extremely difficult, but some families found innovative ways to keep their spirits up. Check out this video of a mom and dad in Scotland turning their home into a restaurant for their two young boys. It’s the absolute cutest!

People Adopted and Fostered Animals Due to Shelters Being Closed
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More than ever, people have been welcoming new friends into their homes this year. Organizations like the Labelle Foundation have been working hard to find these precious animals temporary and permanent homes, and people have been extremely receptive to their efforts. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, JLo, and Billie Eilish have taken these angels in, and it’s been so heartwarming to watch.

(If you’re interested in fostering/adopting, check out the Labelle Foundation on Instagram @thelabellefoundation).

Harry Styles became the first man to grace the cover of American Vogue this past week.

Harry Styles made history this week with his Vogue cover looking as amazing as always. Aside from the pictures, the actual article released was a fun read (especially if you’re a die- hard Harry fan like me). Writer Hamish Bowles describes the shoots as they happen as well as details the deep conversations he has with Harry. Head over to vogue.com to read his cover story issue!

Parasite won the Academy Award for Best Picture-making it the first International Film to do so.

Can you believe that this happened in 2020? It feels like ages ago. In a ground-breaking win, Parasite snagged the award of the night. If you’ve seen this film, you know that this is a well-deserved win. The Oscars have been quite white-dominated these past few years, and so this win is very inspiring for non-white actors, directors and fans all around the world.

Our Earth got its first breath of fresh air in a long time.

Though not everyone is a fan of lockdowns, they have done great things for our Earth. With less people on the road, carbon emissions went down for a time. Nature has been loving our new normal, and biodiversity all around the world has been benefitting from less human contact. Pollution has also been reported to be significantly less this year compared to last year. Hopefully we can continue to be environmentally conscious and work to battle the climate crisis head on even after the pandemic is over.

Hamilton was released on Disney Plus.

Need I say more? If you haven’t seen it already, check it out on Disney Plus!

Doctors and Healthcare workers have shown that not all heroes wear capes.

But they all wear masks! The efforts of doctors and healthcare workers to keep us safe have been one of the few constants in this truly chaotic year. They have displayed countless acts of bravery and selflessness that have truly amazed me. They work around the clock for communities who don’t take the virus seriously, but that doesn’t stop them from doing their best to provide the best care possible. Remember when New York’s coronavirus cases were extremely high this year? One of the most inspiring news stories that I remember was when doctors from all around the world left the safety of their hometowns to fly over to aid the struggling city. If you know a doctor or healthcare worker, be sure to send them extra love today and every day! They are truly the heroes of this year.

In the most chaotic season of Earth to date, humanity has demonstrated its optimism and capacity for good. Hopefully, in the next season (2021), we’ll have even more good news!

Isis is a second year (pre) Human Biology and Society major at UCLA and she is thrilled to be a Feature Writer for the Her Campus team! In her spare time you can find her at the beach, singing, playing the piano/ukulele, reading or taking long, long naps.
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