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Tired of dealing with frizz in the morning? Getting annoyed with waking up early just to straighten your hair? Do you wish you could just let your natural curls flow during the day without them poofing up? Here are some things that you can do to help you achieve just that!

1. Shampoos and Conditioners are So Important.

The products you put in your hair on a daily basis are so important! Make sure your shampoo and conditioner adhere to the type of hair you have. The best course of action is to purchase sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. The side effects of using products with sulfate includes ripping the hair away from its natural oils, and when your hair doesn’t have natural oil, it will become extremely dry. For me, my frizz persisted, and it was not until I switched out my products for sulfate-free alternatives that the frizz began to go down. As with all hair products, there are expensive and inexpensive options. I like to use OUIA Repair Shampoo and OUIA Repair Conditioner, but check out Aveeno Shampoo and Aveeno Conditioner for a cheaper alternative. 

2. Apply Leave-In Conditioner, & Let It Do Its Magic.

As some of you may know, using conditioner during every shower isn’t the healthiest option for any hair style. If you have thick hair that gets tangled easily, then I recommend a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners also help control frizz post-shower and detain most of it during the day as well. As mentioned before, make sure your leave-in conditioner is also sulfate-free. Other benefits of leave-in conditioner include strengthening your hair and refreshing it in order to give it a glowing and natural look. Check out this 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin or this Not Your Mothers Leave-In Conditioner.

3. Moose Up Those Curls.

Using moose was one of the first techniques my mom taught me in order to get my curls and frizz under control. Moose is one of the easiest hair products to apply, and it is convenient because you can use it right after your shower. After a shower, towel dry your hair and brush through all the tangles. I personally realized tossing your hair back and forth helps hold the volume of your hair since moose has a tendency to stiffen hair if not applied in the correct manner. Then, spray out a handful of moose and evenly distribute it through your hair, straight from your roots and all the way to the end. Using moose is also extremely convenient if you are going out for a night and don’t have a lot of time on your hands to blow dry! Try this Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Moose.

4. Use Argan Oil for a Slick Look.

Some people prefer an extremely slick look when it comes to their hair. Argan oil surprisingly can be used to do just that. The most common use of argan oil is to moisturize dry skin and apply on cuticles, yet the product can offer way more. I personally apply argan oil to my hair after I either blow dry, straighten or curl it in order to get rid of the minor frizz that may still persist and to have a shinier look. One bottle can go a long way—you only need a few drops to run through your hair, and don’t worry if you have oily hair because argan oil is non-greasy, contrary to popular belief. Try out this Pure Argan Oil Light from Sephora. 

5. Post-Shower Hair Styles That Can Help. 

Personally, I shower at night, and I want my hair to look presentable the next morning. But sometimes I get lazy and don’t have the energy to blow dry my hair or wake up earlier the next day. So, I turn to the natural methods I have depended on for as long as I can remember. Post-shower, let your hair air dry for about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on when you want to go to bed). Then, it is up to you what to do next. You can either use a leave-in conditioner, anti-frizz serum or continue with the process. After that, if you want your hair to have a natural wave or curl, then do a singular braid, and if you have longer and thicker hair, then do a double braid. Braiding takes away overnight poof and frizz. Another helpful tip is to put on a thick headband overnight along with the braids. The next morning, when you take off the headband, the top of your head is frizz free, and no product needs to be used!

6. Perfect Your Blow Drying Technique.

There is the misconception that blow drying produces more frizz. In reality, if you know how to properly utilize a brush and hair dryer, then you can actually reduce visible frizz. After a shower, it is useful to apply a heat protectant and let your hair air dry for about 30 minutes (longer if you have more hair). This will not only reduce the time that heat is applied to your hair, but it will also make your job when blow drying much easier. Next, divide your hair in separate regions with hair clips and focus on one portion at a time. I recommend using a round brush since it grasps most of the hair. Then, wrap each section around the brush and use the blow dryer about 3 inches away from it. Repeat this step until you give yourself a natural blowout. If you prefer a slicker look, then go over your hair with a hair straightener! Also, don’t be discouraged if you get frustrated with the process at first because practice does make perfect. If you’re looking for a round hair brush, check out this Conair Ceramic Wood Thermal Brush.

7. Get a Brazilian Blowout.

It’s a bit of a more extreme option, but if you want a more permanent and prolong solution to frizzy hair, then getting a Brazilian Blowout is the best choice. This type of blowout basically takes two to three hours, depending on the length hair, and you must make an appointment with a stylist who has the right certifications. It basically seals liquid keratin and a specific form of solution into the hair with a hair straightener. Typically, the treatment lasts from 3 to 5 months, and you must use specific hair products to ensure its effectiveness. Personally, I have been getting Brazilians Blowouts for about 6 years now, and I have never been disappointed. It has made my hair much more manageable, therefore life is now much easier!

Yasmin is a second year student at UCLA. She is majoring in Psychobiology and minoring in Global Health. Other than being involved in Her Campus, she does research at the Semel Institute in Los Angeles and is a member of Flying Sams. She loves reading, binge watching Netflix shows, and painting (even though she isn't great).
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