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7 Organizations In LA That Support AAPI Residents

Instead of just posting facts about violence against Asian Americans in an Instagram story post, it’s time for people in our LA community to finally take action. There are various ways to get more involved in supporting the AAPI community, such as shopping from AAPI-owned businesses, and most importantly, donating to AAPI organizations and people. In the local Los Angeles community, there are several great AAPI organizations each with its own mission and goals. Here are 7 organizations to donate and volunteer with to support AAPI residents in the LA area:

Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC)

LTSC is an organization in Southern California. Their mission is to provide social welfare and community development services to assist individuals in need, while also aiming for cultural preservation in Little Tokyo. There are various ways to give to LTSC. One can have a fundraiser event to raise money for LTSC, purchase a tribute gift in honor of a loved one, donate a vehicle or other supplies or even support the charity through shopping on the AmazonSmile Program or the Ralphs Community Contribution Program. Besides donations, Little Tokyo Service has a ton of amazing volunteer opportunities to help out the Little Tokyo community in Los Angeles. Visit their website for more information on events and opportunities to participate.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles

The nation’s largest legal and civil rights organization for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (NHPI) is the Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles Organization, which was founded in 1983. This organization has offices in downtown LA as well as satellite offices in Orange County and Sacramento. Their goal is to focus on the most vulnerable members of the Asian American and NHPI communities through direct services, legal services, and leadership development. There are several ways to support this organization in Los Angeles, including donating online, by mail, or even attending their annual fundraising gala dinner held every fall. Join over 700 individuals in volunteering for the organization to work with others to fulfill their mission. Visit their website to learn more about how to get involved in the LA community.

Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment (CAUSE)

CAUSE is a nonprofit organization with a mission to have more leadership, political empowerment, and voter outreach training within the Asian Pacific American community. It is located right in the heart of downtown LA, but its impact has spread throughout all of Southern California. Students can even intern for CAUSE where they will gain knowledge about the political process and the nonprofit sector while also having the chance to participate in community outreach in the Asian Pacific American community. Their website lists several ways to stay informed about what is going on in the Asian American community as well, so it is a great resource to check out.

Chinatown Service Center Los Angeles (CSCLA)

CSCLA has been around since 1971 and aims to serve and advocate for a better quality of life and equal opportunities for immigrants and other communities in the LA area. The organization offers many services to individuals and families in need, including community economic development plans like their small business program, a community health center (currently offering COVID-19 vaccinations), free tax preparation services, and a youth center. They are continuously looking for more volunteers and employees, so look at their website for some possible opportunities.

Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS LA)

FANHS of LA is promoting education and understanding in the culture and history of Filipino Americans in the United States, specifically in the Los Angeles area. According to a 2015 survey, LA is the most popular U.S. metropolitan area for Filipinos. The population in 2015 was 495,000 and is still continually growing. FANHS offers several services for Filipinos in the LA community including photo exhibits, national networking, public lectures, generations newsletter, journals, oral histories, research assistance, and access to national archives and conferences. To learn more about FANHS, visit their website for more detailed information.

Khmer Girls in Action

Located in Long Beach, Khmer Girls in Action’s goal is to live in a community that works for gender, racial and economic justice for Southeast Asian young women. Khmer Girls In Action leads campaigns, action research, and programs to help educate the local Los Angeles community, specifically in Long Beach. Their Invest in Youth campaign involves youth members of Khmer Girls In Action and the Long Beach Invest in Youth Committee to raise support for establishing a Long Beach Children and Youth Fund supported by revenue from the general fund while also protecting funding for young development and resources. Through donations and volunteer work, the LA community is encouraged to participate in Khmer Girls In Action. Visit their website for several opportunities and a more detailed history of the organization.

Korean American Federation of Los Angeles (KAFLA)

KAFLA works to empower the local Korean American community of Los Angeles by protecting the rights and interests of Korean Americans and preparing the next generation of leaders of the community. KAFLA also collaborates with the Southern California Food Bank to distribute to people in need two times a month. Other services they offer include a voter registration campaign, senior assistance, legal services, COVID-19 assistance, free flu outreach clinics and community outreach. To volunteer and get more involved, visit the KAFLA website which explains more about their mission and outreach programs.

These seven organizations are just a handful of the several organizations in Los Angeles. Even if you feel like you do not have the funds to donate money, there are other ways to get involved including volunteer opportunities or even donating supplies. The organizations listed above also give information and resources on ways to stay actively involved in supporting the AAPI community and understanding what is happening in our local Los Angeles community.

Caitlyn is a 4th-year student at UCLA! She is majoring in English and minoring in film. When she's not busy writing, she loves going to hot yoga classes and reading Jane Austen novels.
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