7 Inspiring and Creative Artists You Should Be Following on Social Media

Ever since the lockdown began, my screen time and social media consumption has increased to…an embarrassingly high amount. I know I cannot be alone on this though! So, why not follow some artist accounts on social media to spice up our feeds and brighten our days?

Generally, it is important that we support artists, especially independent ones, and giving them a follow can help spread their name and provide more exposure. You might even find yourself purchasing some of their art, which is even better! On top of that, it is important that we monitor and take care of our mental health, and looking at these images can provide a little ease and a boost of happiness during these scary times. Here are 7 inspiring and creative artists that you should be following on social media:

  1. @kimeillo is an artist who blends nature and vibrant colors to draw beautiful cartoon portraits of women. I think her renditions of strong female characters are incredible, and you can feel their personalities shine through the image. 

  2. I am a sucker for a cute couple/love cartoon account, and I am hooked on @puuung1. The account captures the precious moments of a relationship, even the seemingly mundane ones. The colors make me feel warm, and the drawings overall remind me of the joys of partnership.

  3. @catanacomics is another couple/love cartoon account that is so endearing! The goofier but still sweet approach always makes me smile, and their big circular heads are so cute. Catana portrays her relationship in such an adorable way!

  4. Peter DeVito is a New-York-based photographer and illustrator who comments on societal beauty standards, as well as social issues through his pictures. He takes a creative approach that highlights human beauty. He does not retouch his photos, and and he encourages others to embrace themselves for who they are. His “I wear it like diamonds” photo describes the story of a woman with psoriasis, and as someone who has a skin condition, just seeing it makes me feel more confident and accepting of myself.

  5. This account is SO CUTE! @jangandfox shows the friendship of various animals in cartoon form. The messages of the images are often centered around gratefulness, self-acceptance and uplifting your friends. The art style is not overly complicated, and in my opinion, it just brings a lot of joy to the viewers.

  6. @offsideexposures is a photographer (and one of my dearest friends!) who tries to capture the every-day moments of life. He prefers film photography because “it creates a unique sense of intimacy with the process of photography.” He does not prioritize the message of a photo, but rather the feeling that it evokes, and that is very evident throughout his stunning and vibrant feed. 

  7. As implied, @8bitstories uses the 8-bit pixelated art style that was seen in old video games. The artist creates gorgeous landscapes and images that are soothing and full of hope, which is certainly nice during the quarantine. The account also features some of their poetry, which is equally as beautiful too.

While these times can be rough, the creative art from these inspiring accounts can produce a nice, uplifting moment in the day. If we are going to be on our phones and on social media, we might as well be looking at things that make us feel good! Increasing the artists’ following and supporting them are great added bonuses too. Check them out and share them with your friends! They probably would appreciate a sweet, mood-enhancing image in their day too.