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7 DIY Graduation Gifts For Your Friends

Graduation season has begun, and with it, comes parties and celebrations for your newly graduated friends. Getting gifts on a budget can be hard, but DIY is always a great option. Here are six fun and easy DIY graduation gifts for your friends that won’t break the bank!

1. Career Survival Kits

With new careers in line of vision, you can gift your friends with a survival kit that is uniquely made for their future profession. This can include small items you purchased or even words of wisdom and encouragement as a way to motivate your them in their future endeavors. 

2. 21-And-Over Gifts

Champagne for everyone! Since this is a celebration, for those that are 21-and-over, you can decorate wine glasses and gift them to your friends following the ceremony, along with their favorite bottle of alcohol as an added plus!  

3. Memory Book

Creating a memory book is a common DIY project, but it can also be the most meaningful. Share your memories from their time in college, and give them a blast from the past. Through this photo book, you can celebrate all the amazing moments you both have shared together.


4. Sweets

With all the parties that will be held, you can get in on the preparation by including your friend’s favorite treat! Or you can make a beautiful candy bouquet to give to them after the ceremony to show that you were thinking of them! Here is just one example of the amazing things you could make!

5. Fun With Money

On Graduation Day, you might see a bunch of gifts that are money-related. Families often make dollar bill necklaces for their grads to wear. You can also fill a mason jar with quarters or dollar bills and decorate it with ribbons and stickers. It can be a cute and useful gift! And these new graduates may need as much help as they can get! Check out Ideas like this one below!

6. Adventure Book

This gift will motivate your friend to create new memories by embarking on all the adventures they dreamed of for after college. It can also remind them just how much fun is still out there in their next chapter of life. Cute ideas like this can be found all over!


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