6 Ways To Have A Productive Winter Break

So now that we can finally rest easy without the pressures of fall quarter breathing down our necks, winter break is the perfect time to load up Netflix and just relax. You deserve a break—you’ve worked so hard for it! But if you’re feeling like you want to be a little more productive this winter break, look no further! Winter break is a great time for you to rest up and spend time with friends and family. But when you start to feel the restless need to prepare for winter quarter, to keep busy, to do something, here are some activities you can do to have a productive winter break.


1. Get Started on the Readings.

Ugh, I know. Yes, you just finished stacks of readings after cramming all the readings you were supposed to do throughout the quarter into Week 10. Start winter quarter right by avoiding these terrible cramming and procrastination habits! Once winter quarter starts, things will start to get so hectic that you can use your other assignments and deadlines as excuses to put a hold on your readings. By getting started on your readings over the break, you’ll already be ahead of the game, so even if you fall behind a little bit, it won’t hurt you as badly.

2. Internship Applications.

If you’re even considering the possibility of doing a summer internship, get started on that search as soon as you can! Deadlines for internships come a lot sooner than you may think. Plus, classes and homework will become a priority once they start up again, forcing us to push these internship opportunities aside. By getting started on your internship search and application early, that’ll be another thing you can check off your list once the pressures of classes start getting to you!

3. Reach Out to Professors.

Internships require applications, and sometimes (many times) applications require references or maybe even letters of recommendations. Start putting together a mental list of professors and mentors who know you well and who would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. If you reach out to someone regarding a letter of recommendation, you should always give them as much time as you can so they don’t feel pressured to crank out a letter within 24 hours. Do your research on positions you’re interested in, and get started on the application process!

4. Finish Your Chores.

So laundry, washing dishes, dusting and cleaning don’t exactly sound like fun winter break activities, but they’re most definitely necessary winter break activities. Maybe you’ve even let these activities fall behind as the pressures of fall quarter eventually got to you, but now is the perfect time to catch back up and complete these chores.

5. Spend Time With Old Friends.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but winter break can be a chance for you to ease the fondness in your heart for an old friend. Don’t be afraid to make the first move in inviting an old friend out for lunch or for coffee. I can imagine they’d be just as excited to catch up with you as you will be.

6. New Year’s Resolutions.

Ah, yes. The classic “new year, new you.” No matter how cliched and overused that phrase has gotten, there’s no denying the incredible potential that New Year’s resolutions can have if you seize the opportunity. Try to develop thorough and specific New Year’s resolutions and (here’s the key) actually go through with them this new year. Make elaborate plans, use agendas and reminders. Use this new year as an advantage to become a better version of yourself. That’s the best gift you could ever receive.


Winter break is upon us, and while it’s important that we catch up on all those Netflix shows we’ve fallen behind on, it’s also important that we start thinking ahead and planning for the next little chunk of our academic careers. Leave those procrastination habits behind this year and begin afresh.