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Netflix’s original “Queer Eye” premiered on February 7, 2018 and has instantly become a major hit. The show centers on five gay men who help transform a guest. This makeover includes outwardly appearance, lessons on self-care, boosting of self-esteem, giving a home makeover and so much more. The show can easily be described as an emotional rollercoaster with a lot of inspiration and influence for audiences worldwide. Viewers can even learn a thing or two from the Fab 5….

1. Embrace Who You Are

Self-acceptance is fundamentally one of the hardest things for a human to do and it is much easier said than done. You can learn a lesson or two from lifestyle influencer just like Jonathan Ness. His whole mantra is to embrace who you are and not be scared of judgment. He preaches that it is not conceited to take care of yourself and spend time making yourself feel good. You want to wear a different color on each nail? Then do it. You want to change your style up and wear obscure shoes? Then do it. At the end of the day, everyone has insecurities but if you own up to who you are then all of that extra anxiety will slowly go away.

2. Look Good On The Outside To Feel Good On The Inside

Fashion is an art and sometimes you have to take risks with art. At times you have to be happy with how you look on the outside in order to feel good on the inside. According to Tan France, the perfect look is your own individual style with some new risks. Make sure your closet has a range of options from an everyday look to business professional to a quirky date night look. Tan’s two favorite pro tips on fashion are to tuck in the front of your shirt in a little in order to make a basic look more unique and to put a nice jacket on whatever top to give off a more formal vibe.

3. Be Happy In Your Space

Your environment can contribute a lot to your state of mind. Your home will first and foremost be your safe haven, yet may also have to be presentable to any outsider. Bobby Berk puts major emphasis on making a home reflect the personality of the homeowner while being realistic. If you want to put a room together, invest in a centerpiece or picture that reflects your hobbies and interests. And as always be practical with the space you have by utilizing shelves or containers.

4. Everyone Has Their Own Journey

Karamo Brown can give life advice like there is no tomorrow. His major outlook on life is that everyone has their ups and downs so it doesn’t make sense if you constantly compare yourself to others. The less time you spend comparing yourself then the more time you can focus on your own journey. Ultimately, this leads to a build up of confidence and acceptance of who you are. What matters is what you can make from an unfortunate situation, because everything in life is a lesson. You can’t wait around for a lifetime of happiness, experiences, and success…you have to go out there and grab the opportunities.

5. Creativity With Food

Everyone is a foodie to a certain extent, but Antoni Porowski teaches us that we can push that point even further. It is not just important to look happy and healthy on the outside, but also on the inside. Take risks with your food. For example, combine two popular dishes from two different cultures or make your own salad dressing like Antonio (it’s a combination of mustard, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice). Become creative even with your drinks! Antonio always adds a fruit kebab to his sangrias to distract guests if there is a lack of food and snacks.

6. Acceptance & Awareness

Some episodes of “Queer Eye” can definitely cause a few tears to be shed. There are a few episodes that discuss the different views on the Church’s relationship with people from the LGBTQ community. Bobby is the only one from the Fab Five who couldn’t walk into a church. As a community, we should learn that one’s gender or sexual preferences do not change a person’s value or heart. It is merely part of who they are, so why must there be a need to dive into the nitty gritty details of the Bible when the first thing Catholics and Christians learn is that “God loves all”? Leading a life devoted to God and accepting the LGBTQ community are two mutually exclusive things in the world; people can do both.


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