6 Ways to Celebrate Rivalry Week and Beat 'SC!

Ladies and gentlemen, the week we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Mighty Bruin Bears have come out of hiding to take on those losers, also known as the USC Trojans, on the other side of town. The USC-UCLA Rivalry dates back to 1941, when a group of USC students began a series of pranks that would continue between the two schools till this very day. Such pranks include UCLA students renting a helicopter to dump manure onto the USC campus in 1958. Or, more recently in 2009, a group of USC students vandalized UCLA’s beloved Bruin Bear during Rivalry Week, costing over $20,000 to restore. While these two pranks seem extreme, they certainly aren’t the only pranks that have occurred between the two schools over the years. And now that the time has come, we Bruins are prepared for whatever comes our way. So whether you are a football fan or not, get your claws out and get ready to celebrate the biggest and most important week on campus.

1. Attend the Beat ‘SC Bonfire

Have pent up anger from midterm grades? Put it to good use at the Beat ‘SC Rally, where UCLA students gather to cheer on the Bruins and hate on Trojans! Each year, the UCLA Alumni association hosts this event and it's always a hit among UCLA students. This year, the Beat ‘SC Bonfire will be held on Wednesday, November 15, so be there or be square.

2. Get rid of the red

Don’t get me wrong, red is one of my favorite colors. But will you see me wearing red during rivalry week? As if! You see, there are two very important rules when it comes to fashion. On Wednesday’s we wear pink and during rivalry week we ~do not~ wear red. Luckily, the UCLA Alumni Association has a solution to getting rid of red clothing in exchange for a shirt of a more favorable color. So come on out to the Get-The-Red-Out T-Shirt Exchange, which will be hosted during the Beat ‘SC Bonfire!

3. Outfit Planning

Not going to lie, the USC game day outfits are super cute – which is why it’s even more important for us Bruin ladies to show up to the game looking our best. I can always count on Hype and Vice for cute skirt and crop top combos, but time is limited so you’d have to get on that ASAP. Victoria’s Secret PINK in Westwood has a ton of UCLA gear and there is always fun stuff at the UCLA Student Store. Bored in class? Check out Pinterest for UCLA outfit ideas to pass the time!  

4. Host a Beat ‘SC Party

There’s no better way to bond than over a common hatred! Gather all your friends together to have a good time and hate on the enemies! Make posters and come up with fun slogans against USC. A few appropriate examples include “You can’t spell suck without USC”, “University of Spoiled Children” and “Fight off”. It shouldn't be hard to think of others, being that their mascot is a condom. Wait what? Did I say condom? I meant horse…

5. Bleed the red out!

Every year during Rivalry Week, both UCLA and USC host a blood drive and whichever school donates the most blood gets a trophy. So come take part in the annual Beat ‘SC blood drive which will take place on Thursday, November 16 at the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center. Let’s get that W!

6. Go to the Game!

Obviously, you haven’t been celebrating all week for nothing. Unfortunately the game this year will be hosted at The LA Memorial Coliseum, but we Bruins are brave and can survive in a shitty neighborhood – though we thank God we don’t go to school there! So ladies and gentlemen of Westwood, this weekend we are taking over! Buy your tickets if you haven’t already and get pumped to cheer on our Mighty Bruins to victory and BEAT ‘SC!