6 Things You Need To Throw the Most Epic Ladies Night In For Galentine’s Day

On Valentine's Day, couples are preparing romantic dates and gifts to give to their significant others. But this holiday is also just another fun reason to celebrate your female friends with Galentine’s Day. Now, you could make it a girl’s night out, but sometimes the best nights are when you stay in with the girls. A night in with friends is criminally underrated and usually means better conversations and bonding. So, here is how you throw an epic ladies night in: 

  1. 1. Get some fun decorations to deck out your apartment.

    Sharon Mccutcheon

    Just because it is a chill night in does not mean you can’t enjoy decorating the apartment. Maybe go to Target and get some cheesy decorations for Valentine’s Day or a Bachelorette Party. Decorating is a fun activity that will help you bond with your friends. 

  2. 2. Buy all the yummiest snacks!

    Snacks are essential to an epic night in. I recommend a good mix of sweet and savory. For sweets, buy some chocolate, ice cream, candy and cookies to please the crowd. It is also good to have some chips and dip, and make sure you get some veggies to satisfy the guilt. And for those 21+, wine is a fine idea- do not forget the cheese and crackers.

  3. 3. Make a banging playlist. 

    Woman with headphones listening to music

    A playlist is essential to a good party. My favorite thing to do is to make a playlist on Spotify and let people add songs to it, so that everyone has a hand picking out the music. So, pick some empowering music and some nostalgic bops that everyone will scream their lungs out to- together. 

  4. 4. Prepare some games.

    Games are a great way to spend the evening. Whether you decide to play card games like Cards Against Humanity or maybe a classic board game like Life, games are a wonderful way to have a fun competition with friends. 

  5. 5. Treat yourself to the fullest extent. 

    The best thing about a night in is that you can treat yourself with your friends. Buy some face masks and paint your nails. You deserve some relaxation, and face masks with your friends is always a fun bonding activity. 

  6. 6. Pick out some movies to enjoy.

    Gif from the movie Clueless

    Watching an iconic movie with your friends is the best way to end the night. Pick out a timeless modern romantic comedy like Clueless, or any film that appeals to your friend group. If that means watching all 5 Final Destination films in a row, then do it!

These are my recommendations from my past experiences of throwing parties with my favorite ladies. But Galentine's Day is all about what you make of it. It is the time to celebrate the amazing women in your life, starting with you! After all, romantic love does not have a monopoly on this holiday celebration of love. So, go start planning for your own epic party for Galentine’s Day!