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6 Important Thoughts I Had While Getting My First Tattoo

When it comes to getting your first tattoo, the process tends to be different for everyone. From the age of 15, I was pretty certain I wanted one in the future. But when I finally reached an age where I felt old enough to get a tattoo, it was hard to commit to my first. I was stumped! I wanted so many different designs and had lots of ideas about what I wanted and where I wanted to place it. By the time I turned 18, I had narrowed it down to three options. However, I decided to wait until I was 21 to actually choose. I did this because I wanted to be confident in my decision. When the time finally arrived to make a choice, a million thoughts went through my mind… Here are 6 that stood out to me the most.

1. Will I Get Tired Of This?

Committing to your first tattoo can be tough because the idea of forever is a lot. Deciding for me was a matter of commitment. I knew I was going to do it but I wanted something that I would never look down on or regret.  

2. What Will My Parents Think?

After I turned 18, both my parents were okay with my decision of getting a tattoo so I wasn’t too worried of them not approving. What I did question was how they would feel about WHAT I was getting. My tattoo is 100% based off of what I feel connected to and they may not feel the same. So for me, I was more concerned about my parent’s disapproval of the tattoo I ended up choosing.

3. Do NOT Look At The Needle

I am that kid that cried at every doctor’s appointment with shots involved… And if I’m being honest, I still get anxious just thinking about needles. When it came time to getting tattooed, I had prepared myself long and hard to not look at the needle, and it really made the experience better. 

4. Maybe I Don’t Want To Do This At All

Sometimes, I thought that having nothing on my skin could be just as amazing as having an actual tattoo there. I’ve definitely spent some time wondering whether getting a tattoo is actually worth the entire process. 

5. Should I Get something More Recognizable?

My tattoo is very personal and may not be completely recognizable to others, so I initially felt weird about having to explain its meaning. I actually contemplated whether to get something that more people would understand. But I’ve defiantly moved away from that thought. My tattoo is for me and its significance is dear to my heart. 

6. Is Red The Right Color?

I chose not to have black ink for my tattoo and went with the color red instead. This thought was probably the one I grappled with the most because it was just as important as placement and script font. I wanted my tattoo to be a little different but still legible. Even though it was small, the red worked well for me. 

Getting your first tattoo is exciting but can also be stressful. You can ease the process by going about it in the right way. Allow yourself plenty of time to decide and determine what you want for your first tattoo. Having these kinds of thoughts and thinking through them will definitely make for an easier and quicker process.

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