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6 Biggest Myths Tour Guides Tell You About UCLA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

While there’s a lot to love about UCLA– like the weather, the dining halls and the various events we have on campus– there are definitely some things you heard before coming here that may not have ended up being true.

1. You’ll Learn to Love the Quarter System

When I’m only two weeks behind on my readings but have a midterm in two days, I will not love the quarter system. When I blink and suddenly am supposed to be at Powell studying for finals, I will curse at the education gods for coming up with such a heinous system. We might get used to it, but that does not equate to love.

2. The School Will Feel Small After A While

I wish it were the case, but with the enormous student body we have on campus, it’s still easy to feel the size of the school. While I might run into some friends every now and then, I still get swept up in waves of strangers all running to classes ten minutes before it starts. And no matter what year you are or how extroverted you may be, it still feels a little intimidating when walking into a new class with 0 friends beside you.

3. Students With Large Calves Have High GPA’s

That could be from going up and down the hill to go to class and study sessions… or it could be from walking down to Westwood for Diddy Riese.

4. There’s So Much To Do In Los Angeles

To be fair, we do have Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, but getting to downtown is a nightmare. While there may technically be a lot to do throughout the city, without a car, ride service prices can be quite steep. So realistically, I tend not to extend my journeys off campus further than 10 miles. 

5. On Bruin Walk, Student Love Buying Treats From Organizations

It’s more like me dodging flyers trying to sell me a trip to Vegas for spring break. The only time I stop is Girl Scout cookie season— a girl’s got to have thin mints in her pantry!

6. You’ll Join Some Great Clubs and Meet Some of The Best Friends You’ve Ever Had

Oh wait, this one’s true! Joining clubs with people of similar interests as me is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in college. I’ve met my best friends, my roommates and classmates all through the organization’s I’ve joined at UCLA.

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