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50 Thoughts We All Have in the Shower

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Showering is an important daily activity during which some of a girl’s best thinking occurs! Regrets, future life plans, deep introspection – your true feelings are inescapable while showering. Here it is – the 50 thoughts we all have in the shower!

1. The naked-run into the shower is SO COLD.

2. This shower is like a warm blanket from heaven and I’m never leaving.

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3. If I sing will my roommates hear me? Will they care?

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4. That would’ve been such a good comeback. Why didn’t I say that? I need to remember that.

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5. What am I doing this weekend? If I’m going out Saturday then I have to shave tonight so my shaving schedule doesn’t get messed up. Ugh.

6. Imagines saying something really funny and clever.

7. Crap, did I just laugh out loud? I hope no one heard me.

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8. Why do I look so much tanner in the bathroom?

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9. Haven’t heard back from any employers… I’m never going to get a job. What if I never get a job and I end up homeless on the street? Okay, let’s think of a worst-case scenario life-backup plan.

10. All this water is making me hungry…What can I eat after this?

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11. Why do I shed so much?

12. Why don’t people call their hair their “hairs”?

13. I hate how people who haven’t read the books are Team Gale.

14. I need to go shopping so I look cute for spring break. How can I get more money by this weekend?

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15. Do I really have to bend all the way over to shave my legs? Do I really NEED to shave my legs today?

16. How is Blake Lively so perfect, and can I please be her?

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17. Daily reminder that my nails look horrible. Need to paint them ASAP.

18. That guy in class today was giving me weird looks – did I do something embarrassing?

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/vVFzn7AEyJuhO.gif

19. Wait, I can’t remember if I already used shampoo. I’ll do it again just in case.

20. Squirts shampoo out and the bottle makes a loud farting noise. OMG I hope my roommate doesn’t think I just farted.

Image source: http://i.giphy.com/vBvYdpB1Tb0WY.gif

21. Should I change my major? Pros and cons…

22. I think I messed up my shower-taking routine. #Stress

23. I don’t like how Girl Scout cookies have two names. “Peanut Butter Patties” – THEY’RE TAGALONGS!

24. I really don’t want this shower to end because I don’t want to brush my hair later. It makes my arms sore.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/aRrBKNE8vjCY8.gif

25. What did that text even MEAN? I need to reanalyze it. Thinks of 14 different interpretations of the text.

26. What was that noise? Did someone break into my room?

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/mphIpEZf54wko.gif

27. Imagines perfect date with crush that will never happen.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/YlhhmkAGXcOOc.gif

28. Can’t explain how annoyed it makes me that my conditioner bottle is almost completely empty, but my shampoo bottle is still basically full.

29. What am I going to do with my life? 

30. How long have I been in here? I hope my roommate doesn’t hate me for taking such a long shower.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/akqhsGf0AXWZG.gif

31. I can’t believe she did that.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/FjPbPSpXXawCc.gif

32. “Slurp” is such a weird word. Slurp, slurp, slurp…Ew, I don’t like that word. 

33. How did the first person to say a word decide what to say? How did they know it was a word? DID they know it was a word?

34. You definitely PEEL string cheese, you don’t bite it!

Image Source: http://gainesvillescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/cheese2.jpg

35. I ran out of body parts to clean…I should probably get out. But I don’t want to.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/4HU1eTQKfrdgk.gif

36. He hasn’t texted me yet today. He hates me.

37. Showering is kind of a lot of work but I never want to get out because the water is so warm.

38. What’s something cute I can say next time we talk?

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/xtgWxGawatpL2.gif

39. Does Britt from The Bachelor actually not wash her hair or was that a joke? And why does she sleep with makeup?

Image Source: http://www.thestranger.com/images/blogimages/2015/02/03/1423005584-britt…

40. I hope no one knocks on my door tonight. I really don’t want to see anyone. If they knock I’m just going to pretend I’m not here.

41. Wait…how is the water off? Did I really just turn the shower off? WHY DID I DO THAT?


Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/zgDbQyDch9DTa.gif

43. Did I really say that today?

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/4mEJL6Fz9T6py.gif

44. What are all the other things I can do to procrastinate after this?

45. I don’t want to move. Ever.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/Fjy5XItIvYjEQ.gif

46. Have I really been standing here for 10 minutes in my towel staring at the wall?

47. Turban Time! My head feels so heavy now. 

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/gOIncaj3Pwm8E.gif

48. Whoa…That was a really long shower.

49. I don’t want to go back to dealing with real life.

Image Source: http://i.giphy.com/u7DzdWhEbXfUs.gif

50. Why is all of my productive thinking done in the shower? When can I shower next?

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Christina is a second-year Psychology major. She loves Netflix, chocolate, and exploring new places.
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