5 YouTube Channels That Will Soothe Your Soul

Hungry for soul food? Want to not only get some food for the soul but also food for thought? Watch the videos of these 5 YouTubers that will definitely soothe your soul:

  1. 1. Amy Lee

    Amy’s videos, especially those from her “AM with Amy” playlist will not only tackle a wide spectrum of issues, such as body image and loneliness, but they also make you feel like you gained a sister. Also, she’s a UCLA alumni (go Bruins!)

  2. 2. Will Darbyshire

    Will’s channel is a prime example of quality over quantity. He releases videos ever so often, but each video makes you feel some type of way. His videos are like small scenes from films that capture the beauty of nature and make you feel like you’re on the trip with him.

  3. 3. bestdressed

    What!! Another Bruin?! Ashley’s channel has been popping off lately. Her videos make you feel accepted, loved and not judged for your opinions. There’s a good mix of humor, fashion and life in general in every single video.

  4. 4. lavendaire

    Aileen’s videos are perfect to watch when you’re in need of inspiration or advice. She has a way of speaking that just calms you and tells you that everything will be okay. Perfect for stressed out, anxious college students!

  5. 5. Jenn Im

    Jenn’s channel has definitely seen a rise in popularity recently. I would say that it has to do with her quirky, relatable personality. In addition to her GRWM videos and vlogs, the videos listed under her “Crucial Convos” playlist show an intelligent, sensitive side to her. She feels like an older sister that you can rely on and find comfort in.

Check out these 5 channels to relax and find some cool content in the large mass of videos uploaded on YouTube!