5 Ways You Can Prepare For Your Senior Year Of College

Time can fly by in college, especially if you're on the quarter system, where everything seems to be ten times faster than the average pace of time. However, your final year of college shouldn’t just pass you by. This is the last year to make the most of your time before entering the real world. Here are 5 tips for making the most out of your senior year: 

  1. 1. Don’t Slack Off

    This is your home stretch. It can be tempting to relax a little and focus on making it out alive. However, don’t let that mentality take over. Finish strong and focus on your studies like you would any other year. Although not all jobs look at your grades, it can never hurt to maintain your GPA.

  2. 2. Check Out Your Career Center 

    Group of three women talking at work

    Visit the Career Center at your university. Many students tend to ignore this resource until they need it the most. I would recommend becoming acquainted with the center sooner than later. The people who work in career centers can often provide valuable advice or help formulate a path for you to successfully transition out of college. 

  3. 3. Check your LinkedIn

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    Double-check your LinkedIn and prioritize the skills and experiences that will help you be a top contender among other job applicants. While you may have a lot of various experiences, not everything is equally important. Your LinkedIn is a look into who you are and what you have to offer, so make sure it shows off your best parts.

  4. 4. Polish Your Resume

    job applicant handing her documents and resume to employer during interview

    Like LinkedIn, your resume should also be polished. If you haven’t checked it for a while, now is the time to do it. Remove everything from high school and start adding achievements and skills from college. Whether it’s a high GPA, languages you're proficient in, computer skills, and more. This is the first thing thatt employers will look at to see if you are fit for the job they are looking to fill.

  5. 5. Relish Every Moment

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    Getting ready for the "real world" can be stressful. It might seem like there is a lot to do in very little time, but make sure to breathe and relax. One way or another, you will survive and you will make it through everything. School and jobs should be an important part of your life, but so should living in the moment. This is your last year to take in every moment of college and enjoy it.

You are almost done. This is your year to do your best!